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Friday, November 7, 2014



A flood of outside spending, much of it undisclosed “dark money,” helped Republicans make significant gains in Tuesday’s elections. The Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision helped trigger the campaign spending avalanche, and so it came as no surprise that Citizens United’s leader and Dark Money Connoisseur David Bossie took a victory lap in a press conference of conservative activists reacting to the election results.
“Citizens United, our Supreme Court case, leveled the playing field and we’re very proud of the impact that had in last night’s election,” he said. “A robust conversation, which is what a level playing field allows, really creates an opportunity for the American people to get information and make good decisions.”

Bossie also accused Senate Democrats of trying to “gut the First Amendment” by voting in favor of a constitutional amendment that would overturn the Supreme Court’s decision in the case.


As I've said all week, several variables go into factoring why the democrats got their asses handed to them. Dark Money is a severe problem, but when only 38% of the electoral votes are counted, which seems a bigger problem to this blogger than Dark Money - you have little chance of winning anything.

Governments should not be for sale, but when the cards are stacked against you - that being the Supreme Court and its rulings that Corporations are indeed people and that these "people" - that they do indeed have unlimited freedom of speech in politics - What more can be said, our country at all levels is not for sale, they've already been sold.

What I find more disturbing is this Bossie numb-nuts saying the playing field has been leveled. Make no mistake, what Bossie and his kind pulled off, was to circumvent our democracy, the only thing leveled was the conservative pathway to purchasing politicians.

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, Justice Alito, care to comment?

Only and idiot with a negative IQ would see this as a good thing, someone who puts their parties loyalty before the welfare of his country. But we are accustomed to the selfish conservative "patriots", who parade the moniker of all for me and none for all.

To Citizens United, the Supreme Beings, and David Bossie, congratulations asshats, your actions have weakened a country, be proud, be very very proud!

David Bossie, welcome to NFTOS' "today's worst person of the world" award, wear it proudly numb-nuts!

Roger West