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Friday, December 19, 2014



How do you eliminate a majority of gun murders in the United States, use smart guns. But, because this technology involves the word "smart" - ignorant gun huggers are having any part of it.

Smart guns, the iPhone of weaponry?

Technology has been proven to solve today's greatest social challenges, and curbing gun violence in this country is one of the greatest challenges we face as a country.

HAYES PART ONE Video Courtesy of MSNBC

There is a battle going on in the U.S. over the development and sale of so-called "smart guns" — handguns that proponents say should improve safety and lower gun murder rates because they can only be fired by owners.

The main opponent is the Ammosexual Association, better known as the National Rifle Association. But it will not speak. The Springfield (Mo.) News-Leader left six messages on the phone and with a secretary over two weeks for the one spokesman designated to talk to the media, Andrew Arulanandam, in the national office in Virginia. He did not respond. Eventually, the newspaper requested someone — anyone — to send a statement on the group's position on smart guns. The organization never replied.

HAYES PART TWO Video Courtesy of MSNBC

Currently, there is not a gun dealer in the U.S. willing to offer a smart gun for sale. A company called Armatix, based in Germany with an office in California, this year had two gun dealers — one in Maryland and one in California — ready to offer its .22-caliber handgun. The safety measure is a stopwatch worn on the wrist that sends a radio transmission, with a range of 10 inches, to the gun. The radio transmission enables the gun to fire.

The company promoted the breakthrough, and the national media jumped on the news. As a result, the two gun-shop owners were thrust into the eye of a national storm. They caught overwhelming criticism from gun owners and Second Amendment proponents. Both backed down and decided not to sell the gun.

"I won't touch it again," says Andy Raymond, 34, who owns Engage Armament in Rockville, Md. He had agreed to sell the gun simply because he thought he could pick up a few more customers. But his life changed when Armatix put him front and center in a media campaign.

Smart guns, a technology without a market? Smart gun technology, like most things that escape the cognitive thought process of the low educated gun hugger - the fear of not being able or willing to accept things that are not within your IQ capability - is a travesty in itself, multiply this and the number of innocent humans being killed by "responsible gun huggers" - then smart guns seems like a very viable option.

"Propaganda works best when the audience, when those who are being manipulated are confident that they are acting on their own free will." Fox News and the NRA are masters at this. Fear the ignorant beast that knows no better.

Imagine a gun that could never be turned against you by an intruder, a gun that would never go off in the hands of a child accidentally, a gun that would be useless as a paperweight if it were stolen. 

Unfortunately, a technology that could significantly improve gun safety in America and prevent certain acts of violence has become caught up in a hopelessly polarized national gun debate - and the country is yet again held hostage by the NRA.

One might think gun-rights advocates would be eager to remove some of the most powerful arguments for limiting the sale of firearms. But they aren’t. The National Rifle Association plays up the fact that, for now, “smart guns” are less reliable and more expensive. Gun-rights advocates worry that the technology that renders a gun inoperable in the hands of thief could also allow the government to shut a gun down in the hands of a legitimate owner. But the biggest reason for the opposition to “smart guns” stems from the fear that they will prompt a ban on ordinary guns.

This mentality, like when Obama was elected, that he and DOJ top dog Eric Holder would go door-to-door confiscating guns. Yes this ignorance is matched - by none.

When does America, a country of 350 million, say fuck you to the NRA, a membership of only 4 million. When does the NRA stop bullying this country, our gun stores and our politicians? Until we put these greedy bastards in their place, only then can we start to use "smart" technology.

Roger West