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Sunday, August 11, 2013



Filling in for Ed Schultz on the radio this week, liberal attorney and talk radio host Mike Papantonio tore into conservative female commentators like Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin for what he views as their “creepy,” “malicious” rhetoric on immigration.
“If you spend much time in the weblog world, you probably have noticed,” Papantonio explained to his guest, “that the hate hags have become more creepier than usual. I mean, they’re already creepy but now they’ve moved the dial on creepy.”
He singled out Malkin for her “putrid hate language against immigrants, suggesting that they need to be punished, that militia border patrols should keep immigrant vermin, as she puts it, out of her country.” All this, he said, despite the fact that “less than 40 years ago, her parents Apolo and Rafaela Maglalang were citizens of Philippines, they became immigrants, they got their green cards and they made a better life for themselves in that little bundle of hate known as Michelle.”


Papantonio’s attack on the pundits was part of a longer conversation on how he believes the Cumulus dispute with Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh signals a decline in conservative “hate talk” radio.
“It’s simple,” he asserted, “Even the lunatic cable TV and right-wing crazy radio networks, they only have so much time that they can devote to female hate freaks or any kind of hate freaks, like Malkin or her gutter-mouthed sister Ann Coulter. There’s a limited amount of real freakish hate time available.”

He concluded: “That’s the case with all the hate talkers, whether you’re talking about Rush, whether you’re talking about Hannity, whether you’re talking about [Michael] Savage, all of ‘em.”

Now, many will email me on this subject, calling me a hypocrite on the war on women. I would tend to agree.......that is if these two where actually women. Minus a vagina, these two are the farthest from being human let alone women.

I have blogged many times on these two vile "wolves in sheep's clothing". There is a huge difference in being a "strong willed women" and hate hags like Coulter and Malkin!

If you visit the Talibangelical sites this am, they are up in arms, that these two - the darlings of the American Taliban are being ridiculed for what they really are.

There are a host of other female "patriots" as well that fit this title, Dana Loesch comes to mind, but Loesch is more like a "tales from the crypt" keeper than a hate hag - although she can be as disgusting as two aforementioned hate hags.

If this offends you, watch the thousands of clips I have seen - regarding these hate hags, listen to the endless number of audio taps on all three of these cretins. If after this - these "women", these "Teahadists" do not repulse you - then welcome to the club, that being the hate hag club.

If you applaud the actions of any "women"  like Malkin, Coulter, and Loesch, congratulations, you just may be a GOPer.

Roger West