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Thursday, December 4, 2014




We asked for cops to have body cameras, when Eric Garner was killed by officer Daniel Pantaleo, we indeed had pristine video of the entire event, we had a medical examiner for the state of New York saying that this video indeed confirmed scientific evidence - that the killing of Eric Garner was indeed homicide. On top of that, we have officer Daniel Pantaleo using a choke hold banned by his own departments "use of force" policy.

Even with all the above, the Staten Island grand jury failed to launch, failed to indict this man with a license to kill.

Even Jon Stewart found it hard to come up with anything funny to say on Wednesday in the wake of a Staten Island grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Daniel Pantaleo in connection with the death of Eric Garner.

Video Courtesy of Comedy Central

Video Courtesy of MSNBC

Moving forward this is a human race issue with police, not just a black thing. What needs to happen moving forward:

Grand Juries can no longer be the tool for vetting police officers misconduct and murders, For the lone fact that zero transparency is allotted and the very close association of police and prosecutors. It leaves a bad taste in the mouth, and no other institution in this world allows its own to investigate itself.

If grand juries continue to operate, prosecutors need to recues themselves from the process and allow independent counsel must be assigned.

If grand juries are allowed to exist, transparency is key and the loss of secrecy are paramount.

Police can no longer investigate themselves.

Police "use of force" policies must be approved by outside sources.

Cross examination must be allowed to happen in grand jury proceedings. There has to be a process for vetting bullshit from facts.

Make police choke holds illegal, not just ban them in policies, make it a law.

Review police tactics and require more than a high school education - more training on how to deal with communities and less time practicing kill tactics.

I really can't believe this is my country readers, I can't believe that not one uniformed police office is standing up to say, we got this one wrong. But not so surprising - the brotherhood of blue runs deeper than the blood of true family members, which in itself is disgusting, deplorable and a tragedy.

I've heard many saying "c'mon America, we can do better", evidently not.

Like officer Wilson, now that the inept grand jury has spoken in NYC case, sleep well with a "clean and clear conscience" officer Pantaleo, sleep well! May the ghost of Eric Garner haunt you ass for your remaining days on earth.

Seriously readers: A man was killed because he was selling smokes that were non-taxed. The tax on the smokes is what, less than four dollars, and that this four dollars is a top one major priority for police to police - for when they leave the morning briefing for the day, its to tackle "loose smoke sales"? - one of America's best and proudest moments.

God is watching America, and he's not happy!

What video did the grand jury see? Maybe we should validate that grand juries have an IQ above 3?

I am disgusted, appalled, angry, ashamed, that in 2014, we are no smarter nor better than we were 300 years ago.

How much money is ABC planning on paying Eric Garner's killer for an "exclusive interview"? Last one got half a million. Pretty lucrative career having a license to kill no?

Blatant racism is a painful acute wound that can be healed; Systemic racism is terminal.

If there is a bright side to this story, we can now save hundreds of millions of dollars on not buying cameras for cops. As we found out yesterday, that a picture, not always worth a thousand words!


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Roger West