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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Nuts falling out of the nut tree" Part1

Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck (See part 2 "Nuts falling out of the nut tree" in next blog regarding Beck) are never more poisonous than circa 2010. While neither vocalist is virgin to malodorous, moldered, putrefied, or rancid verbiage, today both have ratcheted up the mutton head diatribes on the air waves.

Yesterday Rush Limbaugh described President Obama as a “juvenile delinquent” in a rant on his radio show, and then posted the full transcript, which he titled “Obama’s Administration is Graffiti on the Walls of American History,” accompanied by a picture of “Obama graffiti” defacing Mount Rushmore. {Limbaugh Transcript Here)

Limbaugh has a history of towing the line with racial taunts towards African Americans. Some of Limbaugh's first backhanded slams started with Rush equating African-Americans with “delinquent” “gang” members. Last year Limbaugh burped this on the airwaves stating" the NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons." Other racial burps that have oozed from Limbaugh's esophagus on the air usually refer to B-ROCK and other black politicians. More greatest hits of Limbaugh's freedom of speech are:

Earlier this week, Limbaugh proposed a new House Democratic leadership position for African-American Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC): “Driving Miss Nancy,” referring to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Driving Miss Daisy is a film about an African-American chauffeur.

In September 2009, Limbaugh argued, “We need segregated buses. … This is Obama’s America.”

In March 2009, Limbaugh said Obama “has a chip on his shoulder, and his wife does too, and they are some angry people.”

In August 2008, Limbaugh claimed Americans were afraid to “criticize the little black man-child.”

In May 2008, Limbaugh said Obama was “an affirmative action candidate.”

In April 2007, Limbaugh played a song for his radio audience called “Barack the Magic Negro.”

In January 2007, Limbaugh referred to Obama as a “halfrican American.”

Why is radical Republican "freedom of speech" tolerated? All the while Don Imus' infamous "nappy headed hoe" was chastised to the nth degree. Limbaugh's inflammatory statements speak volumes of the abuse of the right to freedom of speech.

Limbaugh is a rotund radio talk show host, bloated political commentator, and porcine conservative television personality. Limbaugh castigates liberals as “dope-smoking hippies,” Rush Limbaugh is himself a well-documented “prescription” drug abuser. Limbaugh seems thoroughly untroubled by this, mostly because hypocrisy has become such a major part of the modern Republican platform, right alongside guns, creationism, and yellow ribbon bumper decals.

Dana Loesch, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck and Limbaugh claim that “it doesn’t take much to irritate the left,” yet one doesn't have to be of the left to be infuriated with Limbaugh's cutting racial rants.