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Saturday, March 3, 2012



Yesterday Sean Hannity railed against liberals who have been writing negative things about the late Andrew Breitbart while many are still grieving. Hannity specifically called out Rolling Stone writer Matt Taibbi, who titled his Breitbart piece “Death of a Douche” and ended it with “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.” Taibbi argued the language he used in his piece was a reflection of how Breitbart chose to go after Ted Kennedy right after his death, but Hannity was having none of it.

Hannity brought on Ann 'the man" Coulter to talk about a supposed double-standard between what happens if a conservative like Breitbart says negative things after a person’s died and if a liberal does. Coulter joked about Rolling Stone‘s diminished relevancy before directly addressing the double standard, but from the other perspective. Coulter defended Breitbart calling Kennedy “a piece of human excrement” by saying his comment was accurate, and that Kennedy was deserving of it because of the infamous Chappaquiddick and “a little pushback” was necessary.


Andrew Breitbart was a man who loved to toss around the word "big." His websites—Big Government, Big Hollywood, Big Journalism—are clearinghouses of conservative ripostes to mainstream politics, entertainment and media that attempted to tear down what he saw as a domineering left-wing narrative. He operated with endless bluster and the content on his sites have been the sources of controversies that have upended Congress, ended careers, and ruined personal reputations.

Always the pot stirrer, Breitbart's pugnacity never seemed to wane. At a party full of his fellow unlettered bloggers last month during the Conservative Political Action Conference, Breitbart told his backscratchers/bootlickers/dependents/ stooges/toadies/ and admirers, that the secret to successful muckraking and mudslinging was "to be a warrior."

The next night, Breitbart let out a war cry of his own when he burst out of the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel hosting CPAC to unload upon a group of Occupy protesters. He screamed at the top of his lungs for over a minute, repeating imperatives like "Behave yourselves!" and "Stop raping people!" 

Since his death, Breitbart's legacy has been called: "one that raised the profile and impact of partisan, citizen-driven journalism".

Quoting Breitbart:
“I enjoy making enemies,” His fans called him a “happy warrior.” He was constantly spoiling for a fight.

Breitbart found truth in fiction. In order to reach people—to make them listen, to his message or just to him—he spun what he deemed useful fantasies, where his political opponents always wore black hats and twirled pencil moustaches. Breitbart knew the power of myth, of righteous anger, and most of all, the power of pissing people off.

Breitbart is to never issue another re-tweet of mine, issue another insult to another opponent, make another spurious smear-documentary using footage without permission, or claim another "narrative" is being ignored.

Whatever backlash Breitbart now receives in death is fully earned, for if your a Combat General, and your going to engage your enemy in hand-to- hand verbal combat, expect to have your enemies urinating on you when your dead - at least that's how Breitbart's Lieutenant [Dana Loesch] explains justification for the doing the task.

Breitbart was deliberately uncivil in his public life and called his many enemies vile and despicable names. He envisioned himself a hero, and loved the role of tea bagger saint - he was both distressing and harrying to the national narrative. He has any number of minions ready to take his place - enter Dana Loesch, whom made Breitbart proud as the ever loathsome understudy - with her "once penetrated, always penetrable"-style defense of Virginia’s invasive abortion ultrasound bill.

Epithet: Andrew Breitbart, major asshat of epic proportions - "Death of a Salesman" if you will, unfortunately 90% of the world wasn't buying what Andy was selling!

So as they dig Breitbart's grave, as some mourn his passing - with me knowing his penchant for panache, I feel juts fine about calling him a disgusting slimy piece of pig shit.

Roger West