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Saturday, December 14, 2013



NRA, Gun Huggers, Guns Over People unite, be proud, for over thirty three thousand lives have been taken since Newtown one year ago today.

Today flags in Connecticut will fly at half staff to honor the 20 first-graders and six adults gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012.

I am one of those "Damn Nazi Socialist Liberals" who wants total control over the Guns Over People, until we can prove that we indeed are truly "responsible" with weapons, then we all the pay the fiddler. I often find that "responsible" gun huggers are the ones we really need to watch the most, you know the ones who leave armed weapons on the kitchen table so that 4 year old baby Suzy can pick it up and kill herself or her two year old brother Johnny. How about the "responsible" Ex Vice President who shit his best friend in the face.....responsible my ass!

I posted yesterday on Twitter that over 173 children under the age of 12 have been killed over this same period, and the gun hugging twitter nuts went into a frothy frenzy. One NRA nut asked me to list every gun used in these is the thing numbnutz, I don't give a phuck what weapon was used!

One year later, after this most disgusting event, and still having not done anything in this country to curb this, speaks volumes about Americans as a whole. When a organization [which is only 4 million strong] dictates what we do and don't do with regards to guns - Houston we have a problem! America has over 325 million citizens, since when did 4 million rule 325 million?

We have had more deaths this year alone than the entire 15 year war of Afghanistan and Iraq combined. Thirty three thousand dead via guns - is eight [8] thousand Benghazi's readers, where the hell is the outrage Faux News, Megyn Kelly, GOP, Guns Over People, Gun Huggers, NRA?

Where the phuck are all these good guys with a gun - where are all these "responsible" gun huggers at?

Email just in to NFTOS from a gun hugger:
"Gun control laws have been demonstrated not to work. Gun control laws have been proven to be a huge waste of money. Gun control laws disarm the law-abiding and empower the criminal. Gun control laws are legal booby traps for the unwary, but rarely hinder the criminal." 
Except in every other country in the world where the gun laws are so stringent they basically prohibit routine ownership of weapons. This argument only works in the vacuum of addressing the US attempts at firearm regulation.

It is time to right this wrong - God forbid, but I wonder what happens to a gun hugger when they, or their family become a statistic of gun violence, are they still a proponent of zero gun control?

Roger West