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Friday, May 3, 2013



On Thursday night’s MSNBC's All In, host Chris Hayes tackled the difficult story of Caroline Sparks, the Kentucky two year-old who was accidentally shot and killed by her five year-old brother on Tuesday. It’s a story that stands alone in a clearing amid the forest of the issues we think about when it comes to guns; there’s no background check, or waiting period, or assault weapons ban that could have prevented it. There’s no bad guy. Standing before a hunting graphic emblazoned with the words “The Sickness,” an uncharacteristically fired-up Hayes delivered a commentary that challenged the foundational assumptions we make about gun culture when we talk about firearms regulation.

Hayes began the segment by describing the current state of play in the fight for gun reform, and the likely celebratory goings-on at the annual NRA convention in Houston this week. He urged attendees of that conference to “spend time tonight, tomorrow and all through this conference, thinking about and talking about Caroline Sparks, a 2-year-old Kentucky toddler accidentally shot to death this week by her 5-year-old brother. Not with a gun the 5-year-old found laying around somewhere, with his own gun.”

As it turns out, 5 year-old Kristian Sparks shot and killed his sister with something called a Crickett rifle, a gun manufactured by Keystone Sporting Arms, LLC, and marketed to young children.


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Most of us have/had young daughters, and many of us live in the city, where gun violence has run amuck. Before you get angry with us liberals for challenging this sacred sick gun culture, keep in mind that our right to not be shot by you gun huggers, way out weighs your right to gun hug.


That doesn't mean no one should own a gun, but it is clear that gun ownership is going terribly wrong for far too many people, and so, just as gun huggers resent liberals like myself and Chris Hayes, maybe they could look around at what’s happening, and entertain the possibility that they are not infallible, and even if they were, shit still happens. Most caring Americans don’t want anyone to die from gun violence - especially not people who didn't sign up for the risks of gun ownership.

Roger West