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Tuesday, August 19, 2014



CNN's Jack Tapper comparing Ferguson to Bagran Afghanistan

Get ready, everyone: This is your government's vision for every city in the U.S., Police occupation. Obama's good intentions mean nothing. Public speaking and marching means nothing. The U.S. Constitution means nothing.

All that matters is, is that the Military-Industrial Complex has decided that the U.S. police forces need to be armed like battalions in the Army. And when the cops are indeed equipped like soldiers, they see every one of us as an insurgent, not as a community.


Jonathan Gentry - "his own words"

I do not post Mr. Gentry's rant because I agree with him.

I would imagine from his rant, that he wakes up every morning and wishes he was white.

Why should African Americans always be the ones to "humble" themselves before white people? Why can't both sides treat each other as equals and just be humane in treatment of each other?

Why would Mr. Gentry mock his own kind in front of the world?

I say it to haters of my blog daily in emails - its easy to be bold and brazen from behind a computer screen, or your back yard, from your self tapped video from your smart phone alone - its another to stand for your convictions in the heat of the battle, where the line in the sand is drawn, between Militarized police and angry citizens.

All of the poverty and the income inequality in America today towards African Americans could probably be traced and or attributed to racism and slavery. The police and other state apparatus underpin the very system that is building more prisons than schools. Economics, racism and the history of this country explain many of the things that are happening in Ferguson today.

African Americans in the US are suffering from social exclusion and institutionalized racism - and have been since their arrival to America. American history is filled with hatred and discrimination, just ask the native Americans. Our founding fathers raped slaves and their pictures are embossed in our currency. How can this country not be racist nation - when the very fellows we coddle and attribute our countries foundation to, where deeply entrenched in racism. It would appear to this blogger that Gentry's African American view is shaped by fox news.

This turmoil in Ferguson should embolden those calling for the transparent treatment by police on African Americans.

Only when the police stop "occupying" both Ferguson and African Americans, can we start to move forward.

I am truly in the belief, that Michael Brown's death is a defining time stamp in this country - where a line in the sand for this country is drawn. Where enough is enough. 


Three days after Michael Brown's death St. Louis Robber breaks policeman's hand and he lives to tell about it. Shame that Michael Brown didn't get the same treatment and have the right to tell his side of the story.

Why didn't Michael Brown get the same treatment?

If there is one thing we could implore to officer Darren Wilson, if indeed Michael Brown was fighting for your gun - One shot keeps Michael Brown from grabbing your gun, five more shots, keeps him from telling his side of the story.

Jared Lee Loughner killed six people, shot a judge and Congresswomen Gabrielle Giffords. Loughner was taken into custody without being shot or killed.

James Holmes, the Aurora Colorado movie shooter who killed 12 movie goers - was taken into custody without being shot or killed.

I [we] expect better from our police - both the murder of Michael Brown, and the aftermath, the occupation of this militarized police zone that has now gone on for ten days, needs to stop now.

Rightly so, we hold officers of "peace" to a higher standard, and in this instance alone, they are not meeting the measurements required.

If you are a police department in the United States of America, let the Ferguson fiasco be a training lesson in what not to do!


Fox News can't get KKK to speak on Ferguson, so they get the next best thing -Mark Furman

Roger West