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Sunday, March 17, 2013



In case you have not been paying attention, this past week the most lunatic of republicans met in an event called CPAC, where we learned that Kim jung un doesn't hold a candle to the freakishness of the GOPer. Kim jung un's nuclear rants seem tame and welcoming over the gloom and doom rhetoric of the American Taliban. The USA Caliphate unraveled this week at CPAC.

With the 2013 republican, it's still the same ole shit, its just a different day. It's always the pizza box never the pizza with these special patriots.

What can Americans take away from CPAC 2013?

1. Blame Obama.
2. Blame the Dems.
3. Blame the media.
4. Blame whoever it is we have made the new Scapegoat in the GOP party.
5. False Equivalence at an Epic Scale.
6. We need a new message.
7. We need a new overcoat.
8. We need to package our message better.
9. We need to attack the media, liberals, women, gays, unions, teachers, nurses/cops and the poor.
10. We need to Obstruct the government more.
11. We need to tax the middle class and protect the rich.
12. We need to find a way to get corporations to get their hands on that 2 trillion dollars of Medicare, Social Security money.
13 Slavery was good because it provided the slave food and shelter.
CPAC Participant Defends Slavery At Minority Outreach Panel: It Gave ‘Food And Shelter’ To Blacks.
14. The only thing that changed from last year was the T-shirt.
15. That the radical tea bagger is truly more dangerous than the real Taliban.
16. Besides not inviting Chris Christie and Bob McDonnell, CPAC also forgot to invite truth and honesty.
17. We learned that the best way to make Sarah Palin look smart is too let her speak before the orangutans.
18. The eleven most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I think Jesus and Ayn Rand had baby named Ronald Reagan."
19. Ted Cruz, is the only man in America who has ever read the Constitution*. *According to Ted Cruz.
20. Conservatives call Paul Ryan a liberal, they say Grover Norquist is in the Muslim Brotherhood, and they blame the media for making them look crazy.
21. Republicans, tea baggers, GOPers, gun huggers, The American Taliban -these folks are a special kind of stupid!
22. The thesis statement from all speakers, read my book.
23. Rick Perry's war against Planned Parenthood costs Texas $200 million but gives him tons of poor kids to defund later.
24. The Obama Administration must restore the White House tours. Otherwise Republicans will never get to see the White House ever again.
25. Instead of a Paul Ryan version of a balanced budget amendment, we can just not elect Republican presidents.

What you did not hear from the tea bagger:

1. Here is our plan to improve the economy. (Ryan's budget has become a laughing stock in all corners except conservative/corporate media).
2. Here is our plan to create jobs.
3. Here is our plan to work with the Dems to create meaningful legislation.
4. Here is why our plans to fix the economy and create jobs will work.
5. Here is our plan to make the economy and jobs better for the middle class and poor.
6. Here is our plan to fix tax inequity.
7. Here is our plan to fix income inequity.
8. Here is our plan to improve immigration issues.
9. Here is our plan to improve trade problems with other countries.
10. Here is our schedule to work 5 days a week, for 50 weeks a year, instead of only working 126 days a year.
11. Here is our plan for health care reform that will improve what the President has already done.
12. Here is our plan to achieve income equality for women and minorities and our plan to raise the minimum wage, because this will lift our economy.
13. Here is our plan to break up the banks and regulate the finance business.
14. Here is our plan to close Gitmo.
15. Here is our plan to improve the Veteran's Administration.
16. Here are the reasons we don't need to gerrymander districts and commit large scale fraud to win elections, and here is what we are going to do to improve conservative voter attack fraud.

Themes heard at CPAC:

"You blinded me, with science"
"Sympathy from the devil"
"The lady is a tramp"
"Stuck in the Fifties again"
"I, Me, Mine"
"The Way We Where"

Next CPAC season, make sure you have a keg-O-beer, some hot wings - and sit back and watch, because most definitely, the countries most diabolical circus is in town. CPAC 2013, where douche bags gather to learn how to be bigger douche bags.

Roger West