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Friday, September 26, 2014



Jon Stewart verbally bitch slapped Fox News’ Eric Bolling on Thursday for his hypocritical complaint that President Barack Obama was disrespecting U.S. troops with his “latte salute.”
“Fuck you and all your false patriotism,” Stewart said. “When [George W.] Bush took us to war, any criticism was shouted down as treasonous. But a president you don’t like has the country poised on the same precipice [and] no transgression — no matter how immaterial and ridiculous — is too small to cite as evidence that this president isn’t as American as you are.”

The proof, Stewart argued, was that Bolling groused about Obama during the same episode in which he referred to a female combat pilot from the United Arab Emirates as “boobs on the ground.”

For the conservative flag-pin wearing fake patriots, just another day in the life of "Black President".

There is nothing more priceless than the draft dodging college drop out society that is Faux News - complaining about anything military. The answer to the question "Can people really be this stupid?" is always a yes when you are speaking about Faux News employees.

Eric Bolling, you are today's worst person of the world.

Roger West