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Monday, February 13, 2012

Virginia, Its Not Just For Lovers Anymore

Virginia, its "not just for lovers" anymore

Bob McDonnell, and radical teapublican legislators in Richmond ready to ram bills down residents throats.

Radical Red Virginia: Right Off The Cliff

It's only been a few weeks since VA's legislature convened in Richmond, and to date more radical ideology and policies have been rammed down our throats this session than the previous 20 years.

If you "Google" Virginia is "not for lovers", you shall see a plethora of reason why Virginia has the reputation it does, which includes laws and bills so archaic that once read - you shall believe that Virginia is still operating pre 1860. So as to keep step with this mentality, radical bills to pass Virginia Legislature in 2012 are:

Virginia Senate votes to repeal limit on gun purchases.
Virginia is to effectively change the state slogan from "Virginia is for lovers" to "Virginia, gunrunners' paradise.

"easier to buy a gun in Virginia than to vote" 

Bills still on the table for teapublican overreach are:

Welfare drug testing
Teachers' contracts
"Tebow bill'
Sunday hunting
Eminent domain

Here is our lovely Govna dropping a f bomb on a radio show, while campaigning for the Govna's office. Let me just say that the word itself doesn't offend me, the hypocrisy of it all does.

View more videos at:

This blog has had over twenty million hits (see below snapshot) in just about two years - with the many of these being repeat offenders or return hits - which tells me my readership agrees with my position, or better yet, they are teabaggers that truly are gluttons for punishment, either way the above scenario fellow progressives are lessons learned, learn to never vote teabagger, for if you do, you truly get what you deserve!

NFTOS registers over 20 million hits in less than two years

My state is moving back 150 years, to a lovely time of slavery, succession, and using rope for belts. Make no mistake, Govna Bob McDonnell is as radical as they come, and we in Virginians have endured a major dose of extremism for sometime from this power grabbing, government overreaching thug! And next up, Ken "hide your boob" Cuccinelli.

Maddow shows us the true Bob McDonnell

It doesn't take one long to quickly learn that in Virginia, "hillbillies" and "Rednecks" are major players (circa 2012) in Virginia's strife to remain stuck in the 1860's. In fact, if they could get away with it, Virginian's would love to be still occupied and entrenched in this era.

The CSA is very strong on the "Old Dominion". A old family friends son posts often and frequently on Facebook:

In open, most are intelligent enough to obscure these ideals, but then again, some are ignorant enough to not give a shit and openly suggest that Virginia regress to pre 1860's.

Govna Bob promising not to be "Arrogant" and "overreaching."

Yet Gov. Bob McDonnell has disagreed with the Democrats’ and NFTOS' contention that the GOP has ignored the call not to overreach.

Govna Bob also said the perception that teapublicans are single-mindedly pursuing a social agenda has been created by Democrats and, in part, by the news media. The perception is there Einstein because it exists! If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, then certainly it must be a duck.

Govna Bob:
“I think it’s absolutely false to say that there’s been an overreach and an undue focus on social issues,” he said.

Before last year's elections, then-Senate Majority Leader Richard L. Saslaw, D-Fairfax, told anyone who would listen that if Republicans gained control of the Senate, the legislature would push through a slew of bills related to guns, abortions and voting:
"I was 100 percent accurate," he said last week. "We're on our way to turning this state into another Mississippi."

Clearly the Govna has overstepped his bounds, and its Virginians whom suffer. Why, because the over zealous Govna can only gain the attention of his national radical base by evoking hard lined extreme governing - otherwise his can consider his chances and vision to be Vice POTUS to be nil to none.

Consider yourselves on notice readers - that in the "General Election" in November - there is a high probability that this asshat (Bob McDonnell) will be on the GOP ticket. If this indeed is the case good luck with that!

Before you all start ranting, I have had a home in Virginia for over thirty eight years, and I know Virginia better than most. It's a state rich in history, with beautiful landscape, but also rich in it's attitude and mindset of - backwoods radical pre 1860 ideology.

Roger West