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Monday, October 17, 2016


Scottie Nell Hughes suggested on this morning that 1.8 million voters were committing “some sort of fraud” because of outdated voter registrations.

Hughes told CNN host Chris Cuomo that the 2016 election is being fixed in two ways: The media is biased for Hillary Clinton and it is “rigged by the voters on election day.”
“Pew research in 2012 came back and said one in eight voter registrations are inaccurate,” she said. “There is significantly that they’re no longer valuable. That’s 146 million voters in the United States today, 1.8 million has some sort of fraud or has something wrong with their voter registration.”

“The solution?” Hughes added. “Voter ID laws! That’s why the Republicans are pushing so hard for it.”
While the Pew Center on the States did publish a paper on the voter registration system in 2012, Hughes grossly misstated its findings.

The research found that 24 million registrations were “significantly inaccurate,” and that 1.8 million deceased voters were listed on the rolls. Pew did not, however, find that incorrect registration information amounted to “voter fraud.”

Hughes also noted that the purpose of ginning up fears of a rigged election “was all about who’s going to turn their people out to the polls.”
“The Clinton camp has one way of doing it, on strategy,” she opined. “The Trump camp is saying, you have to turn out, there’s no way you can just stay home this year if you want to see a Republican take over the White House.”
In 2014, Loyola Law School professor Justin Levitt examined voting data and found just 31 legitimate cases of fraud in over 1 billion votes cast.

[h/t rawstory]