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Saturday, January 18, 2014


The last two months I was actually in Real Time withdrawals, speaking for myself only, shows that obliterate the right wing nut job - are my favorite. So it was good to have Bill Maher back on HBO last night.

In his closing segment, Maher went on about New Years resolutions and in "New Rules", Maher gave America some guidance on what to do in the new year.

Some resolutions for America were for the War in Afghanistan to a more productive Congress to Duck Dynasty, especially to “stop hanging onto stupid stuff long after it’s relevant just because it’s tradition” like the penny, the Drug War, Daylight Savings Time, and having two Dakotas [North, South].

Maher compared Afghanistan to a bad relationship, suggesting it’s like “dating a girl for thirteen years who tried to kill you every day.” He also took on Congress for being less productive than ever and the country at large for being behind the rest to the point where “there are girls on 16 and Pregnant who aren’t this consistently late.”

But he saved his sharpest barbs for last, telling people to “be more cynical” and “less easily fooled,” citing the Duck Dynasty team to make his case. He showed a picture of them before they had the hit show, calling them “preppy assholes at the golf club” putting on an act. He concluded, “Take a hint, tea partiers, this is what the Republican party is always doing to you.”

Roger West