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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Republican Party Platform...........Of 1956

Cap and Trade and Healthcare reform where initially created by the republicans. The Dream Act was sponsored by John McCain. This was the mentality of the responsible republican! Somewhere in the last fifty years the republican got off track! Somewhere they lost the ability to maintain the moderate conservative stance that so many worked so hard for. Somewhere along the lines they became very extreme and very radical.

The weltanschauung of the current republican regime seems quite different from the parties platform fifty years ago, and the coarse, or the peregrination of the current republican party is well right of Presidents Eisenhower's vision not so long ago.

We could assume that 2011 tea bags would call Eisenhower and the republican platform of 1956 "liberal" or "progressive".

This must see explanation from Rachel Maddow (Below) details the Republican Party's move to the right, from 1950 to now, and its jaw dropping to say the least.

In 1956, Republicans weren't afraid to be associated with the word "liberal" when it came to people issues. This shows they actually embraced the term that Rush Limbaugh has now basically turned into a curse word in Republican vernacular.

Our research highlights some of the planks found in the 1956 Republican Party platform that would be deemed commie pinko by today's Republicans. Like this one:

We are proud of and shall continue our far-reaching and sound advances in matters of basic human needs--expansion of social security--broadened coverage in unemployment insurance --improved housing--and better health protection for all our people.
How about the environment:

We favor a comprehensive study of the effect upon wildlife of the drainage of our wetlands. We recognize the need for maintaining isolated wilderness areas.
Or regulation of business:

A continuously vigorous enforcement of anti-trust laws

Legislation to enable closer Federal scrutiny of mergers which have a significant or potential monopolistic connotations;

Procedural changes in the antitrust laws to facilitate their enforcement.

Or how about this communist rhetoric?

Stimulate improved job safety of our workers, through assistance to the States, employees and employers;

Continue and further perfect its programs of assistance to the millions of workers with special employment problems, such as older workers, handicapped workers, members of minority groups, and migratory workers;

Strengthen and improve the Federal-State Employment Service and improve the effectiveness of the unemployment insurance system;...

Assure equal pay for equal work regardless of Sex;

Clarify and strengthen the eight-hour laws for the benefit of workers who are subject to federal wage standards on Federal and Federally-assisted construction, and maintain and continue the vigorous administration of the Federal prevailing minimum wage law for public supply contracts;

Extend the protection of the Federal minimum wage laws to as many more workers as is possible and practicable;

Continue to fight for the elimination of discrimination in employment because of race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry or sex;

Provide assistance to improve the economic conditions of areas faced with persistent and substantial unemployment;

Revise and improve the Taft-Hartley Act so as to protect more effectively the rights of labor unions, management, the individual worker, and the public.

Is it just me, or has the Republican Party moved just a tad to the right since the 1950s.

Dwight D. Eisenhower would not only NOT be welcome in today's GOP, if he tried to crash their convention he would be forcibly removed, possibly with fire hoses. This brings into stunning relief just how far to the right the Republican Party has gone in a relatively short time (54 years). And how far out of touch with most Americans they've truly gotten. The American people back in those halcyon, crew cut 1950's agreed with this platform overwhelmingly. But today, Republicans would label it as "socialist".

See entire 1956 platform script here:

If the above is not evidence enough, let a real republican tell you like it is. Meghan McCain daughter of John McCain speaking on how the tea bags infuse their imbue on the country.

Remember the old game show "To Tell The Truth"? Hold that thought a moment.

There are at least ten types of republican:

Going back to the game show thought process.......Will the REAL REPUBLICAN PLEASE STAND UP.