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Thursday, August 29, 2013


Watching the events of the day, these are the notes that I took - and my synopsis 50 years later.

Can you guess how many GOP speakers took part in today's celebration of the March on Washington?

The 50th anniversary of the March On Washington has given the country a chance to reflect on how far we have come, and yet how much further we still have left to go toward achieving Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream.

MSNBC yesterday discussed the great reluctance for all conservatives to recognize the reality that we have not solved all of the racial problems in America, and to often they label any discussion of the subject as “race baiting.”

Earlier this year, Justice [Supreme being] John Roberts demonstrated this sort of thinking in his opinion justifying the Supreme Court’s evisceration of the Voting Rights Act when he wrote, ”the conditions that originally justified these measures no longer characterize voting in the covered jurisdictions.” As we have seen in the subsequent months, there are many in said jurisdictions who would beg to differ - differ the ignorance and subjective discrimination from the Supreme Beings.

Julian Bond, chairman emeritus of the NAACP, and Bryan Stevenson of the Equal Justice Initiative discussed today the importance of conveying the lack of racial equity to these special tin foil hat patriots, once known as the conservatives. Bond noted this continued denial was evident even in today’s events commemorating the march, noting “what’s really telling is the podium behind me today, how many tea baggers will be there…They asked a long list of "conservatives" to come, and to all men and woman asked, they all said no…The fact that they seem to want to get black votes…they’re never ever going to get them this way.”

This current brand of the "conservative" is a disgusting lot! In reality, as long as they continue this path of ignorance - it will be an eternity before they ever occupy the oval office again!


Every Republican That Was Asked Refused to Attend March On Washington Event

Republican leaders asked to speak at March on Washington anniversary, declined

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