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Saturday, July 27, 2013




Welcome to America. Land of those who think they’re free, home of the hopelessly insane.

Gilberton Pennsylvania Police Chief Mark Kessler, is no ordinary police chief. His actions of late are outlandish, idiotic and very scary, yet his boss backs his actions - even through a series of demented, angry, psychopath profanity-laced tirades featuring Kessler and his guns (which he fires disturbingly into various targets mocked-up to look like famous liberals and Democrats) which have been populated to You Tube - and thousands of people this morning are understandably a little more than irate over them.

Below are two videos - just another gun peacock, strutting about with his alternative manhood strapped to his waist, desperately seeking the respect and admiration that he will never, ever get. This story is about belligerent incompetence, coupled with immense responsibilities, leaving one derelict to their duties.

Libtards take it in the ass.

Mark Kesslers version  of apology

So this asshat, when he was sworn in to his office, took an oath to uphold the laws and constitution of the united states - so much for his word, morals and character - not exactly the kind of person you want watching your back, when something goes down, or protecting and serving "Libtards" when in need. If he doesn't resign, he should be sent packing, with these weapons of mass destruction pleasantly shoved up his posture for good measure!

Not only is this asshat living under the protective wing of liberal accomplishments (pensions, benefits, shorter work hours, unions, etc.), but – as a cop – he is an agent of the very “Socialism” he despises. The police are a social program extended ostensibly to the entire populace in order to enhance our collective quality of life, and, thus, fit our modern, colloquial definition.

This trend of these radical gun huggers tend to be seeping, ever flowing in droves through the cracks of the posterior of delusional thinking.

Police chief Mark Kessler reminds me of - when you visit the zoo, you often pass the primate cage - and it is there you’ll see apes picking up their own fecal matter and tossing it at the glass where you are standing. This is the Mark Kessler.

If this mans tirade, his actions are not concerning to everyone with at least one brain cell, then Houston we have a problem. It is fruit loops like Kessler whom need to be taken off the streets and locked up forever - throwing their feces at the preverbal glass window!

Congratulations Mark Kessler, you have won NFTOS' asshole of the year award!

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'America's scariest police chief'

Roger West