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Tuesday, January 8, 2013



Alex Jones is no ordinary douche bag, nor is he your average member of the American Taliban  - he is the epitome of  the phenomenon known as “angry phat GOP white man”. Normally in instances like this we just let the video speak for itself, but because this waste of human flesh is so far off the reservation, it’s best we back-fill with content. 

Mr. Jones makes Glenn Beck look like an amateur when it comes to conspiracy theories. Jones likes to refer to himself as a Paleoconservatist  or a "aggressive constitutionalist" - in our world,  this troglodyte would be considered the lowest form of human to troll tera firma!  Jones is not one for sitting back when it comes to stupid, no this Einstein takes unlettered to a new level. Jones raises the bar with malcontent for his government. 


Jones‘ background, like other radical nut-jobs, seem to run down the same path, never served their country, high school or college dropouts, like Sean Hannity, Jones has had problems playing well with others - while in the radio world he often intimidated fellow broadcasters. Jones has had legal ramifications for actions conducted in radio land. Like Dana Loesch, he totes bullhorns, so as to ensure that his audiences of three or four hear him. 

Conspiracy theories are a plethora with this less than honorable man, which include 9/11 and Oklahoma City bombings. The Southern Poverty Law Center Intelligence files assert that he has "exploited racial animosities" to "appeal to the fears of the antigovernment Patriot movement." Jones sees himself as a libertarian, and like most of these self-righteous Richard Craniums, they only worry about their own personal story. Jones, like John Boehner, are the heroes and viewers of their own delusional Lifetime TV movies.


Jones makes his living as an antigovernment conspiracy theorist, whom often crosses the Rubicon of race. In 2011 – Jones did more than any other to popularize “truther” theories about government complicity in 9/11 attacks and declared that the U.S. government believes that “whites are the new Al Qaeda.”

Jones’ sources for paranoia are a plethora. Jones’ instability on CNN is nothing new for those who have heard or seen him in action.  Like, Dana Loesch, Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and the dead Andy Breitbart, the fruits in the American Taliban arsenal are endless!

Jones hasn’t been lurking in the shadows, he has been out front with his lunatic fringe mentality since the “Branch Davidian” days - a vile human for many years - this pile of fecal matter we saw on TV last night just didn’t morph last night - and this ignorance and hate for the U.S. Government is the backbone of his kind - the radical American Taliban. Jones often bloviates non-stop, the traditional republican radio monopoly if you will- Jones is the kind of guy that the American Taliban uses to inoculate and divert - the focus from the true idiots - the“tin foilers”. 

If Jones is your voice of reasoning for the second amendment, watch the above videos, if after watching he is still your voice of reasoning; keep viewing until you get it! Jones is the very type of people we want to keep guns from. If you are truly a “responsible” gun owner, you might want to muzzle asshats like Jones, as his kind is detrimental to your cause.

Roger West