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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Tampons Don’t Kill People. Republicans Do!


In case you missed it yesterday, the state of Texas upped its ignorance and stupidly to a level that is matched by.......none!

Yesterday, Texas feared for its life, so much so that it banned weapons of mass destruction from entering the state capitol - so that its state law makers could conduct the toughest proposed draconian abortion laws this country has to offer.
“We have beefed up security today,” said Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, speaking from the floor of the Texas Senate this afternoon. “We will not tolerate any outbursts.”

Before entering the states capitol to view the proceedings, security guards searched for these weapons of mass destruction. These weapons where not guns, no, as astounding at this sounds, guns where allowed into the state capitol. The destructive weapon that had the Talibangelicals crapping their depends - none other than the dreaded "Tampon". Yes that's right, a feminine product used during menstrual cycles.

Speaking of salt in the wound. This extra slap in the face - is yet another stake in the heart of women's rights.

I have said on many occasions, that nothing is beyond the pale of these disgusting humans that call themselves "American Patriots", conservatives and Republicans. Patriots of what, ignorance, racism, of putting the boot on the neck of women, minorities and the poor?

Ho Lee Fuk! Where in the hell did this "American" train fall off its rails? What does is say about the morphing of intelligence in humans, when guns are allowed into churches, grocery stores, and capitol buildings, and yet something as innocent as a tampon, suddenly becomes a dangerous weapon. Again Ho Lee Fuk!

Be advise women of Texas, if you are indeed on your period, please make sure you check your weapons at the door! But don't fear Guns Over People, if you happened to be hugging your gun, and you have your concealed carry permit, you're all set to go! Go right in.

When the news about the no tampon rule spread on Twitter, women could not contain their outrage and I found this gem [letter below] addressing the troglodytes of the Texas Senate, and it goes like this:
From Margaret and Helen
Best Friends for Sixty Years and Counting…
Margaret, last night there was a rally at the Texas State Capitol to let Rick Perry and the Republican controlled house and Senate know that Texas women have had enough of this backward ass war on women. And do you know what those crazy asshats did? They confiscated everyone’s feminine hygiene napkins at the door. Now there is some good bullshit if you ask me.
As God as my witness, you could legally carry a concealed weapon into the Texas Capitol but you had to surrender your tampons. I can only assume the Texas legislators… I guess Rick Perry decided… The State Troopers.. You know what, Margaret? For the first time in my life I’m speechless. What in God’s name has gotten into these yahoos?
If Rick Perry, a C minus college student, can be trusted with making his own healthcare decisions, why the hell can’t my A+ college graduated daughter do the same? Pro-life my ass. Perry is about as pro-life as any governor who has presided over hundreds of executions. Which is to say Perry is about 250 executions short of being pro-life. And for the record, pro-choice does not mean pro-abortion. Being pro-choice means you trust women to make the right decisions for themselves and their families when it comes to healthcare.
And Rick Perry might not be running for governor again, but those two morons Abbott and Costello… I mean Abbott and Dewhurst are and they make Perry look almost sane. So this fight isn't over. I’m in this for the long run. Are you with me Wendy?
Texas women might have lost the battle but we sure as hell plan to win the war. And they can pry the tampon from my cold, dead hands. I mean it. Really.

Many things that the American Taliban does garners ire within me, and there is no doubt that this is indeed created to incite anger within the ranks of women and humans in support of a women's right of choice! This is the "na-na-na-na" in your face, I win you lose mentality.

Pasty white, two dollar hair cut authoritarians! If your truly worried about projectiles hitting you, I am quite sure the power and speed of a bullet is way more tragic than the velocity of a tossed or harpooned tampon.

For the umpteenth time ladies, stop voting for the American Taliban, for if not, your right to vote is next to be lost!

I know what you're thinking Texas Senate. "Did she have six tampons in her purse or only five?"... Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?

Texas state republicans, you have earned two awards this day: Assholes of the year, and worst persons of the world for the year. Congratulations asshats, well deserved!

Roger West