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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rocker Ted Nugent In Secret Service Cross Hairs

Radical Teabagger Hard Rocker Ted Nugent

Move over Charles Manson, someone’s taken over as the engineer of the Crazy Train and has already run it off the tracks. In fact, Ted Nugent is now under investigation by the Secret Service for a peculiar comment during a speech supporting Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.
According to a report on Think Progress, rocker Ted Nugent is in the Secret Service’s crosshairs after making comments about President Barack Obama and members of the Democratic party up for election in 2012.

The ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ guitarist / singer spoke to the crowd at a National Rifle Association (NRA) convention on Sunday, April 15. “If you don’t know that our government is rubbing its ass with the Constitution, you’re living under a rock someplace. And that there’s a dead solider an airman or marine, a seaman, a hero of the military that just got his legs blown off for the U.S. Constitution, and we got a President and Attorney General who doesn’t even like the Constitution.”

Ted Nugent "Cat Scratch Fever"

What put Nugent on the radar of the Secret Service however, was sparked by the following quote about President Obama:

“If Barack Obama becomes the President in November again, I will
 either be dead or in jail by this time next year.”

As an anonymous Secret Service agent tells New York Magazine, “We are aware of [Nugent's comments], and we’ll conduct an appropriate follow up.”

With the Secret Service’s entry into the scandal, it is unlikely that Romney will escape the gravity of this snowballing controversy without having to comment on it. Romney will be asked to repudiate the endorsement, but given the former Massachusetts governor only recently secured the Republican presidential nomination and still faces residual resentment from within his party’s base, it will be politically challenging for Romney to throw Nugent under the bus.

Watch the offending remarks below:

Regardless of whether you support Romney or Obama in the 2012 election, one must admit that Nugent’s decision to air that comment in a public forum wasn’t too bright a decision. Although the quote in question doesn’t have a definite meaning as to why Nugent feels like he would be dead or in jail, the Secret Service isn’t taking any chances.

Remember readers: A vote for Obama is a vote to send Ted Nugent to jail.

Roger West