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Saturday, February 15, 2014


In his show-ending New Rules Friday night, Bill Maher revealed the secret to presidential campaign success: run as soon as you can, because the longer you wait, the more baggage you have, and the more sick and tired people are of you. Maher said this is why President Obama won in 2008, because he was a “blank canvas” upon which people could project their hopes and dreams.

Why? Because parties that nominate the “older guy who’s waited his turn,” like Al Gore or Mitt Romney, they lose, because there’s no “romance” or “mystery.” Or in the case of John McCain, “a pulse.”

Maher brought up Hillary Clinton‘s baggage, though mostly to mock how Republicans are making Monicagate a big deal, as if Hillary was “in on it.” He also took a few swipes at Chris Christie, who was a shining and well-respected candidate in 2012, but is now “350 pounds of toast.”

Maher concluded, “Politicians are like suede jackets. There are cheap ones and expensive ones, but once they get rain on them, they all look like shit.”

Watch the video below, via HBO:

Roger West