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Sunday, July 14, 2013


UPDATE: 7/14/13 16:16 The link below is inundated with hits, that's why the site won't load. Be patient and also be advised that the DOJ has said they will look into civil rights violations. Also, below an addendum to the 911 operator telling Zimmerman to stop.

"Not guilty." The verdict in the George Zimmerman trial for Trayvon Martin's killing resonates far beyond those two words today. Only in America can a dead black boy go on trial for his own murder! Justice denied, Twinkie Guzzlers acquittal is the latest in a long string of sad chapters in American history with regards to both race and guns.

This is America, what do we expect? The only thing you aren't allowed to kill in America in an instant is a fetus. In reality, the dogs in Michael Vick's case received more consideration than Trayvon Martin did!

Notice to African Americans: If you're Black in America, you now officially know what you're life is worth.

As I sit here disgusted by Zimmerman's [The Twinkie Guzzler] not guilty verdict, I find flawed humans footprints everywhere in this case. When a country and states have a law like "Stand Your Ground" in place, where all you have to say is "I felt threatened", what do we expect, especially when the victim is a minority?

All through the trial we hear that this system, our justice system is the best that exists. If this is the case, then we are all doomed to burn in hell for eternity.

Our nation has failed us, the state of Florida failed us, and the only one we can turn to in travesties like this is God, for we know that the wrath of hell awaits Georgie Zimmerman.

With itchy twitchy fingers already handling guns, along with this verdict - it certainly seems like open season on those who choose to want to walk the streets freely. This is not so much a proclamation of right vs. wrong, but more so a declaration of the judicial system. Perhaps we need to look more closely at the laws and the interpretation of such and make the proper changes. For certainly Trayvon Martin deserved better, along with any future Trayvon Martin's as well!

America tells the world how great it is, it injects its views to bone thug countries as to how great we are, last night the world was watching, and if this is the democracy you want to impose on the world, you need to work better on your civil rights skills America, and Florida - proved that America has morphed passed 1863.

I have a motion in the George Zimmerman trail, I motion to dismiss Florida as a state due to their lack of interest in utilizing the justice system correctly!

What did Trayvon do that was suspicious or horribly wrong - that the outcome deserved or warranted death? He walk through a freaking neighborhood for Christ's sake! Zimmerman profiled, followed, attacked, and then killed Trayvon Martin [all the while being told by 911 "that we don't need you to do that", regarding chasing him] and yet the Twinkie guzzler walks free - while a Black woman in Florida was just sentenced to 20 years for firing warning shots, in her home, at a man who broke in, and to whom she had a restraining order against. Where the fuck is Trayvon's justice? Where the fuck was Marissa Alexander justice? See what I am getting at here readers?

Had the Twinkie Guzzler just stayed in his vehicle as advised, - its funny, or maybe not so much, that Zimmerman choose to listen to his lawyers and not take the stand - if only he had followed and agreed to the directive from the 911 operator as easily as he did his arrogant lawyers.

The Zimmerman verdict is bad news for anyone who likes to go outside and walk, especially in states where Stand Your Ground exists!

Just a friendly reminder readers that Justice John Roberts thinks racism in America is over. Sleep tight America, George Zimmerman could be coming to a town near you!
We at NFTOS along with the NAACP are calling on the U.S. Justice Department to open a civil rights case against George Zimmerman and have launched a petition to Attorney General Eric Holder. The petition says: 
The Department of Justice has closely monitored the State of Florida's prosecution of the case against George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin murder since it began. Today, with the acquittal of George Zimmerman, it is time for the Department of Justice to act.

The most fundamental of civil rights—the right to life—was violated the night George Zimmerman stalked and then took the life of Trayvon Martin. We ask that the Department of Justice file civil rights charges against Mr. Zimmerman for this egregious violation.

Please address the travesties of the tragic death of Trayvon Martin by acting today. Thank you.
Click here to add your name to this petition, and then pass it along to your friends.


To chase or not to chase:

For those who argue that the 9-11 operator "did not have the authority to dissuade Zimmerman from following Treyvon Martin:

The answer is Yes. In Florida, a 9-11 operator can actively manage an emergency situation and any sanctioned Citizens on Patrol (COP) volunteer. Members of the COP program are an extension of law enforcement sponsored community policing programs and are only authorized observe and report.

401.465(a)“911 public safety telecommunicator” means a public safety dispatcher or 911 operator whose duties and responsibilities include the answering, receiving, transferring, and dispatching functions related to 911 calls; dispatching law enforcement officers, fire rescue services, emergency medical services, and other public safety services to the scene of an emergency; providing real-time information from federal, state, and local crime databases; or supervising or serving as the command officer to a person or persons having such duties and responsibilities [which includes sanctioned Citizens on Patrol volunteer program members]

Broward County sheriff's spokeswoman Veda Coleman-Wright: sanctioned Citizens on Patrol (COP) volunteer program members "[are] told not to intervene, only to report suspicious activity," As a sanctioned Citizens on Patrol (COP) volunteer, George Zimmerman was ordered not to follow Treyvon Martin via the authority granted an certified 911 public safety telecommunicator.

See my problem with facts and the judicial system? If I could find this why couldn't the prosecutors. If only the twinkie guzzler had stayed in his vehicle!

Roger West