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Monday, August 25, 2014



Ferguson police admitted they were working with the originator of the fundraiser to coordinate it, even as racist comments were rolling in with the money.

That fundraising page has been taken down and transferred to a new one sponsored by a non-profit organization. The Wire:
The GoFundMe crowd-sourcing fundraiser for the Ferguson police officer who killed Michael Brown has been taken over by Shield of Hope, a charity run by the local police union. Since Shield of Hope is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, all donations from here on out will now be tax deductible. The original fundraiser had raised over $235,000 before passing on the torch to Shield of Hope. The new Shield of Hope-run page has raised over $11,000 on its own. Originally called the Fraternal Order Of Police Lodge 15 Charitable Foundation, Shield of Hope was founded in late 2011. (The name was changed shortly after.) According to a filing with the Missouri Secretary of State's office, the charity's board of directors include the Ferguson Police Department's Public Relations Officer Timothy Zoll, Missouri State Rep. Jeffrey Roorda (a former police officer), and Florissant City Council member Joe Eagan.


So let me get this straight, these folks were working with the original founders who had no problem leaving the racist comments up there and taking donations, having party with food and guns - and taking money from pasty white racists. Racism much?

If there was any further doubt that the Ferguson police department has a problem? LGF:

It's truly disturbing how effective this propaganda machine has been at creating the narrative of a policeman busting a suspected "strong-arm" shoplifter and heroically gunning him down after he turned violent. Albeit there is not one shred of evidence that their scenario is accurate, and there's a ton of evidence that it's wrong, but that doesn't even slow it down. So many of those comments are just parroting the Blaze, Fox, Rush, and, disturbingly, the New York Times.

Propaganda works best on ignorant people, now enters the low info voter of Faux News, and the money givers to Ofc. Wilson.

Take a look at the "hoards" [Snark] of supporters for Ofc Wilson at any video taped environment, notice any African-Americans" I say not!

Only thing missing from these supporters.......the white coned dunce caps of the KKK.


Tea Bagger Extraordinaire and dead Breitbart flunky Dana Loesch gets punked.

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