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Wednesday, July 6, 2016


In a bizarre video clip posted to Twitter - and then taken down - a Trump nutter primarily known for being parodied on Saturday Night Live as a “full-blown nut-job” announced that CNN has hired her as a “contributor.”

Scottie Nell Hughes, most recently seen being smacked down on CNN on Monday while attempting to defend Donald Trump’s ant-Semitic tweet, tweeted out her own announcement Tuesday afternoon stating: “YUGE anncm 4 me today as 25yrs of hard work & study paid off! It all started w/ @piersmorgan @CNN #CNN #honored

The hiring of Hughes seems “plausible” after CNN’s recent hire of former Trump campaign manager and Breitbart bully Corey Lewandowski despite his non-disclosure agreement after being fired by the presumptive GOP presidential nominee.

There was no mention of the Hughes hiring by CNN, nor anything tweeted by CNN media analyst Brian Stelter, but that hasn’t stopped her from retweeting congratulations from her fans before yanking the tweet for unexplained reasons.



Hughes is a well known hardcore wing nut to CNN audiences known for her ignorant; yet fact less analysis of stupid shit that Fuckface Von Clownstick does or says.

Message from Hughes’ deleted tweet below as well as SNL’s portrayal of her:

YUGE anncm 4 me today as 25yrs of hard work & study paid off! It all started w/ @piersmorgan 5 #honored
— Scottie Nell Hughes (@scottienhughes) July 5, 2016

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