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Sunday, January 22, 2012




Flipflopney has a major issue, and the longer he bullshitz us on it the faster he falls. He is very close to terminal velocity as we speak, and what a thud he will make we he splatters on terra firma. The gravitational pull of tax diclosure is a bitch!

Animal Cruelty?


Mormon Card!

WTF? The condescending pasty white Newt-ron-bomb. Speaking of WTF moments: In 1997, (then House Speaker) Newt Gingrich was kicked out of his position for ethics violations by a vote of 395-28. He was also fined $300,000. The violations...Failing to ensure that financing for two projects would not violate federal tax law and giving the House ethics committee false information.

Speaking after that vote: "Newt has done some things that have embarrassed House Republicans and embarrassed the House," said Rep. Peter Hoekstra (R-Mich.). "If [the voters] see more of that, they will question our judgment."

And now teapublicans think this same man is Presidential material?

Holy Guadalcanal Batman, what now!

Is the speech below "Presidential"? More like the Joker speaking to Gotham CIty as he seeks world domination.

Quoting my boss, NFTOS Editor-In-Chief, Roger West: "Not content with firing the first shots in the South's losing war against the United States of America, South Carolina last night reaffirmed their status as inbred morons by handing a victory to Newt Gingrich in the Republican primary."

Newt railes against "anti-religion bigots elites", because nothing says "religious values" more than his marital history.

The Real Newt-ron-bomb


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