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Sunday, August 25, 2013

‘God Help Us’ If Ted Cruz Becomes President

Howard Dean excoriated Candy Crowley’s interview with Ted Cruz on CNN Sunday morning, calling it “a very long interview with very little content,” and saying “God help us” if Cruz ever became more than a U.S. Senator.

Cruz had pitched allowing people to buy health insurance across state lines as one of the policies he would put in place instead of Obamacare.
“I don’t want the Texas insurance commissioner being up here in Vermont,” Dean said. “We have had universal health insurance for all our kids for twenty years. They have 22% of their children uninsured in Texas. I don’t want anything to do with Texas’ health care system in Vermont and I don’t want our people buying Texas health insurance.”
“So these are crazy ideas from the far right,” Dean said. “He’s a slick spokesman and god help us if he gets to be anything more than the senator from Texas.”

Ted Cruz constitutes an important reminder that, before there was the Bolivar Movement and South American socialism, there were Hispanic macho strongmen, dictators, extremecon zealots and slick-grifting demagogues.

Roger West