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Friday, August 13, 2010

The Horror That Is Laura Ingraham

I have possibly found someone more annoying than Dana Loesch. I am thinking maybe these two where twins at birth, or maybe better yet they are from different parents but where somehow brainwashed and morphed into the crap we now see, hear, and read all over the superhighway and airwaves!

I guess this blogger has lived under a rock because I didn't know of this annoying tool until watching Larry King Live tonight. She has the same smug irritating theme of the make up shit party, and the foot in mouth party.

She claims a degree from Dartmouth and a law degree from my state (Virginia). If this is what Dartmouth and UVA produce GOD help us all! While reading a blurb from here BROCK Vagina monologues cartoon book she had a sentence that contained 14 words, 13 of them where uhhmms and ahhs. WTF, you would think a doll with her "education" could put on coherent sentence together on national tv.

Lets see what our fact checks find on the darling Ingraham. Booted off Fox news. Huge antihomosexual gal whom was estranged from her own brother whom just happens to be gay.
This tool was so off the shelf I am quoting "she went so far as to avoid a local eatery where she feared the waiters were homosexual and might touch her silverware or spit on her food, exposing her to AIDS" Hows that make you feel America and more specifically Gays?

This blogger can't see that she has been married but she was several times engaged once to New Jersey Democratic Senator Robert Torricelli. WTF was wrong with this dood, With her holier than thou attitude Its obvious why she is not married!

Its air apparent that she considers herself witty, humorous, and funny as her "collection of satirical diary entries supposedly by Barack Obama, criticizing Barack Obama, his family and officials in his administration." To which she read a blurb from her book on LKL tonight.

This blooger thought it sounded as if at best a 13 year old had written the piece, and this gal was a speech writer for Reagan.

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation named Ingraham as one of the "worst anti-gay and anti-transgender voices of 2008," citing her statements regarding transgendered people and "allusions that being gay is a 'bad choice'." Ingraham also has wrote a few controversial articles during her tenure, such as a piece characterizing a campus gay rights group as "cheerleaders for latent campus Sodomites". She also secretly tape recorded the organization's meetings, and sent copies to the participants' parents.

I don't know about your thoughts readers, but this is one ballsy chick!

Synopsis is Ms. Ingraham is from the same mold as Coulter, Loesch. and Breitbart. This blogger shall now refer to these tools as the "fab four". Like her asshat predecessors she interrupts when her counter part is speaking, she has no facts, and speaks to irritate the left winger. She us like all the other tea baggers, i.e. have no platform and no solutions for all her complaints. But as we know thats the tea bagger mentallity. If they would look at our blog facts on G.W. Bush they might just shut up, but then again they wouldnt be the annoying tools they are if they just buttoned it up and went away.

She was seen in a Fox news video bashing MSNBC and NBC for not embedding in with soldiers. Well we know NBC lost the man whom invented the concept (David Bloom). She was bitching because Matt L was at Olympics and not taking bullets. She thinks reporters need not be in hotels and balconies but in the theater of war. As a once Director at the Pentagon I am considered a Subject Matter Expert in this field! Ms. Ingraham has been pictured dawning a flight suit as a VP guest here at my base (Naval Air Station Oceana). Let me tell you sweet cheeks, until you sign your name for commitment to the service, dawn the uniform, grab a weapon and stand a post, your nothing but hot F^%king air! I also tell you, babysitting the likes of you in the theater of war is dangerous, not for you as I could give a crap less...... but soldiers having to coddle you ass in the theater is outlandish! Do us all a favor and stay on USA soil and bitch about the very freedoms we as military provide for you!

Id just rather you shut your corn hole say thank you very much and go back to.....whatever it you do when not pissing off the masses with your utter BS.

For this Ms. Ingraham, you get the coveted NFTOS ASSHAT of the month award! Atta girl!