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Saturday, April 20, 2013



The man in the cowboy hat in this photo's name is Carlos Arredondo. Carlos was at the Boston Marathon with his wife handing out American flags to runners.

Carlos' past is a sad one, he lost a son to a sniper bullet in Iraq in 2004, and a second son to suicide a few years later - and a depression triggered by the death of his brother. Carlos now spends a significant amount of his time on peace activism and working with vets coming home from war and was at the Marathon to hand out flags and inspire people.

Carlos has never had any medical training, but when the blast went off, he ran towards the danger, jumped fences and found the now-famous man in the wheelchair on the ground, both his legs blown off, suffering from severe shock and critical wounds. Carlos got the bomb victim into a wheelchair, pinched the man's artery - closed with two of his fingers (you can see him doing so in the photo).

Because of Carlos, this man is alive today, having had surgery earlier this week to remove both of his legs.

Carlos Arredondo is the epitome of heroism. This man who lost so much, still threw himself into the frenzy of evil and saved another humans life.

Carlos Arredondo, you are NFTOS' first ever, greatest America Hero!

Roger West