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Friday, September 7, 2012


If you happened to have watched both conventions these last two weeks [DNC/RNC], then you saw two completely different values and beliefs, one all white, and one with the ensemble that aped the rainbow. You saw one selfish party, and one party whom has all  Americans best interest in mind. You the DNC stand by women, minorities, the poor, the middle class, the LGBT, the old, the young. The RNC stood by an empty chair.

I was proud to see the Democratic party represented so well! Partisanship aside, I saw one convention well thought out and planned perfectly, and one discombobulated, with more lies, deceit - more egotistical self righteous pasty white men then I care to see at one event. 

The democrats were disciplined with their message and in one nigh Barack Obama was mentioned over 250 times, Mitt Romney was mentioned 232 times the entire convention over at the RNC.

We saw at the convention what we already knew, that the GOP his pissed off every form of human life in the United States.

President Barack Obama's speech last night at the Democratic National Convention served as the final, rousing call to action to Americans who, as the president said, "face the clearest choice of any time in a generation."

In have never been more proud to be a Democrat than today! NFTOS has your back POTUS/FLOTUS, and I love it when I wake up and Barack Obama is President!

Below are 8 powerful speeches during the convention. Watch them all as they all bring insight to the only party on the planet dedicated to all humans -  not just the pasty white GOPers.









Things to take away from the DNC convention:

Get out and vote
Ann Coulter's is so mad at the DNC convention that her Adams apple is quivering
Democrats care about all humans
We all move forward as one
Republicans are liars and deceivers
There is HOPE for a better USA under POTUS

UPDATE: Gallup, as usual, posted its latest poll findings at 1 pm--and found a big bounce for Obama from this year's convention, adding to yesterday's indication. They show a very strong one-day 3% hike in his approval rating to 52%--his highest mark in many months. This means that he gained a whopping 7% in just the past three days.

Also, for the first time in more than a week, the numbers on his contest with Romney moved.

It had been a 47% to 46% lead for him (with no change at all from a week ago during and after the RNC)--but now he has opened lead to 3%, at 48%-45%. And that's in a 7-day poll average with only the first couple days of the DNC factored in, so it should go up a bit more over the next few days. (Note: Gallup site erratic, probably due to heavy traffic right now.)

Here's an item on the results the past two days. By the way, Gallup has often lagged behind other polls showing leads for Romney, so a Democratic bias seems very doubtful.

Roger West