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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


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If this story doesn't knock your socks off nothing will. On the eve of the release of "Pledge to America" by the tea bagger, we learn tonight of the Republican definition to "small business" and how their past Bush ideology [tax cuts] apply in the future to the poor and destitute. Your soon going to learn that this is the same ole shit just a different day! This document to be released tomorrow is just updated garbage from 1994 and a return to failed "policy" of the past!

NFTOS says that no matter how you slice it, its just updated regurgitation of Republican pledged allegiance to hedge fund managers on Wall Street, insurance companies, the "wealthiest of the wealthy," oil companies and big corporations that outsource jobs, "with a recession and huge deficits for all."

The GOP document represents an updated version of the 1994 "Contract with America." That 10-item document, with specific bills attached that would be passed with a Republican victory, was rolled out on the steps of the Capitol building and signed by GOP members of Congress and candidates.

The 2010 version has more than 20 items, including specific legislative proposals, changes to how Congress works and broad policy goals such as tougher sanctions against Iran. Introduced at roughly the same time as the previous contract, several weeks before midterm congressional elections, it will be unveiled at a hardware store in Sterling, Virginia, outside Washington.

Now the tea baggers definition of "Small Business";

Republican future majority leader John Boehner states this summer that tax cuts for the rich are for 'small businesses" his tax cuts effect only 3% of small businesses. H&R Block claims 1.5 million small business clients and the republican tax cut would then account for one half of 1 percent of the H&R block number. WTF!?!?!?!

House ways and means chair Dave Camp (Republican) defines "small business" in foot notes of documents "According to the Joint Committee on taxation 94% of all US business in 2007 where S corporation, partnerships, or sole proprietorships --"pass through" businesses types commonly used by small businesses". Definition of "pass through taxation is a treatment means that the taxes of a business are "passed through" to the tax return of the individuals owning the business. Sole proprietorships, partnerships, most LLC's, and Sub-chapter S corporations qualify for pass-through status. Pass-through status also means that these business entities are not subject to double taxation, as are corporations.

Republican small businesses are to be no limit on payroll, or employee count, its ownership of business total which is "small".

Some examples of "Republican Small Businesses" are;

a. Enterprise Products Partners L.P. 2009 revenue 25 billion

b. KKR Kohlberg Kravis and Roberts 2009 revenue 445 million

c. Accounting firm Price Waterhouse Cooper 2009 revenue 26 billion

The richer you are the more likely you call yourself a "small business" as 80% of owners whom made 10 million or more filled taxes as "small business".


In 2008 more than a half million small businesses had more than a million in assets.

In 2005 almost 20,000 small businesses earned 50 million or more.

Other noted "small BUSH business" are;

e. Ferrell Gas 2009 revenue 2 billion and yet a "small business"!

f. Coorstek 2000 revenue 549 million...small business

g. Dead River 2009 revenue 500 million...yes small business

h. Fidelity 2009 S corp. firm revenue 11.5 billion

i. Chicago Tribune 2008 4.2 billion

j. Bechtel biggest small business in our country a mere 31 billion in revenue 2009

So readers take a look at what the tea bagger wants to pass when allowing tax cuts to rich and to"small business"

We at NFTOS say thanks but no thanks!!!

link below shall take you to axis of idoits document titled "Pledge to America";contentBody



Romans, catholics, "we the people" lend me your ears, for the fems of the right assemble because "they are the last line of defense"! WTF ladies! Anytime when a event with speakers like the hermaphrodite Ann Coulter and "whisky tango foxtrot" hate radio monger Dana Loesch speak at any event, it shall be as relevant as a monkey humping a football! Have any of these gals ever stood a post in the theater of war? I have for 25 years, until you do the same do not claim that you know these issues, and do not claim that your "we the people" is just about the FUBAR tea bagger. I defended the "we the people" and "dont tread on me" you tools make these sayings a mockery. There is the reality ladies of "your last line of defense"!

The above video states that these gals have a "common thread". Yes we agree, that even the ladies of the tea bag society has hate, discontent, and can spew as much garbage as the men from this extremist side. One could summarize that most of the radical tea baggers are women, and they appear to have graduated from the same ethical school of politics and knowledge of politics, which at the end of the day is any information that Wikipedia spits out. Coulter states that this set of "know nothings" "is really stunning how much of the passion comes from the tea bagged women". Passion, anger, hate and/or delusional thoughts of grandeur? Absolutely and unequivocally yes, you do possess these qualities!

They smirk, they are smug when addressed on TV, they interrupt the counter point often and frequently, and the very policy the want to speak on often gets hung up with them losing their point to anger.

The tea bagger would like you too think that all our woes started when B-ROCK took office, yet any sane mice with a human functioning brain knows this is the afterbirth amassed while the drunk Bush was in office.

"Fire from the heartland, The awakening of the tea bag woman" as its touted shall be the same bullshit we got from the "Beckoning" a few weeks ago. One would expect that Coulter and Loesch shall be dawning "don't tread on me" thong underwear that will staple their event as "we the people" are mad as hell because Bush didn't screw the country up enough so let us finish the deed.

I am astounded as how the tea bagger sets themselves up. These are the poor republicans fighting for the right of the rich tea bagger, and yet the pawns or minions have no problem with that.

Palin is quoted as saying 'She didn't get in to Government to do safe and easy things". Does a two year stint in a state with less than handful of people count as being "in Government"?

These women in their "rally the troops trailer" speak of "lies". Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black, as I thought it was a prerequisite for the right to be a pathological liar.

I guess the left should tuck their tails between their legs and cowl as all the "momma grizzlies" shall be in force.

Dana Loesch sports how proud of a mom she is, which is great, but NFTOS wonders if this garbage mouthed momma home schools her kids in the same anger, hate mongered,rude condescending disposition that she exudes on the stage. The "What the fucks" and such that comes out of the pristine Dana blogs should not shock you, as we are sure that her limited education only allots for certain verbiage. I certainly know I'd be proud if she was my momma grizzly! White trash comes to mind.

Ann Coulter is know different, although most men have been smart enough to not procreated with this axis of idiot, she is the King of hate politics, and she does claim and documents validate a educated Coulter. Which makes her bullshit all the more astounding. This speaks volumes of the schools whom issued the higher degree.

Yes these ladies will say the words policy often, but it will be for the bitch or wrongs of current policy and how the Constitution and DC have screwed them. Nary a one shall come to the tea and crumpet party for a solution to the bitch. But as we have come accustom too, that is the society titled tea bagger.

To "speak policy" requires more than two years as Governor, more than being a blogger, more than being a hate radio show host, its more than writing hate books with condescending remarks about the left, and its certainly more than speaking in public trying to incite anger and fear into the less intelligent.