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Thursday, May 9, 2013

‘Denizens Of Bullshit Mountain Have Cried Wolf Before’

Jon Stewart took on the big Congressional hearing on Benghazi, and specifically on how it’s become the latest way Faux News has gone all-out in covering a potential Obama administration scandal while wondering where the rest of the media is. But Stewart pointed out that no one else is quite on board because everyone’s basing their outrage on speculation, and, frankly, “the denizens of Bullshit Mountain have cried wolf before.”

Stewart I

Stewart pointed out how Faux News has repeatedly highlighted how each different testimony in the past few months would be the big game-changer on Benghazi, and this one would be no different. He pointed out that there was already an accountability report released, and that the GOP seems to be more outraged about this attack than any attack on Americans abroad during the Bush administration.

Stewart also reminded viewers that pretty much every potential Obama administration scandal has been described as worse than Watergate, with one Teapublican congressman saying Benghazi is worse than Watergate plus Iran Contra times ten. But Stewart had to point out that the reason no one else is as outraged as Fox is that while they’re “at DefCon ‘this definitely happened,’” no one actually knows what happened, and so everyone’s just speculating. Stewart mocked all the speculation, saying “if dingleberries were diamonds, I could open a Kay Jewelers in my pants.”

Stewart said that Faux News has a “history of hysteria,” and they may be proven right when more facts come out, “but the denizens of Bullshit Mountain have cried wolf before.”

Stewart II

Things we have learned from the witch-hunt of the American Taliban on Benghazi:

The Benghazi hearing has totally uncovered the heretofore unknown fact that Tepublicans watch a lot of Faux News.
 That dipshit Darrell will next be on HLN to connect both the Jodi Arias case and the Cleveland kidnappings to President Obama and Hilary Clinton.
Faux News is pissed off because both the Arias case and the kidnappings are taking away their thunder.

We at NFTOS are guessing the GOP wing nuts didn't get what they where looking for out of this hearing.

Republicans insist Benghazi is the worst cover-up since whatever the last thing was that was worse than Watergate.

Based on all the people on Fox attacking Hillary right now, she must be doing very well in the polls.

We did a story yesterday about Benghazi, and the important fact to take from that story is that under G.W. Bush ten embassies where attacked and 60 Americans died. Where was the American Taliban then?

Roger West