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Monday, December 1, 2014



Wisconsin's Tin Foil Hat Society Representative - Elect Glenn Grothman couldn't wait until he was sworn into office before entering himself in the dumbest congressman contest.


Grothman is no stranger to stupid, as he has stated that single parenthood is the equivalent of child abuse.

Grothman doesn't just exploit misogyny, he is also fluent in racism. He's been known to disparage Kwanzaa, saying no one celebrates it and that it's a racist attack on Christmas. He also feels that making Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday a holiday is an insult to taxpayers.

We're not do done, Grothman's dossier includes the accusation that the only type people "vote inappropriately" is when it's for a Democrat and that the working poor really don't want weekends.

We would be derelict if I did not include one of Grothman's truly moronic moments, when he said that teaching about alternative lifestyles in sex ed was part of an agenda to make kids gay:
Grothman's opposition to discussing and recognizing different sexual orientations in schools seems to come his belief that instructors who lead these talks would have what he called an "agenda" to persuade students to become gay.

Mr. Grothman is not just stupid, he's that special kind of stupid that takes humanity back to B.C. Move over Louie Gohmert, step aside Joni Ernst, there is a new asshat in town, and his name is Glenn Grothman.

With regards to Grothman, I think someone let the cheese ferment to long.

Glenn Grothman, congratulations sir, you are awarded both our asshat and worst person of world for the day. Enjoy numbnutz!

Roger West