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Sunday, December 28, 2014



Instead of focusing on a dead officer yesterday, we got photo bombed and news bombed with selfish immature bratty officers. Well played NYPD, well played, if your PR campaign wasn't shit prior too, it's in epic fail mode now.

CNN Newsroom, Dec. 27, 2014. Reporter Miguel Marquez questions NYPD union head Patrick Lynch about the disrespect they showed NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio by turning their backs on him during the funeral for slain Officer Rafael Ramos.

Its not a far leap to imagine that a police dept that disses its own mayor on-camera would do the same to ordinary citizens off-camera.

Officer Ramos was tragically murdered by a man who should never have had a gun. Perhaps, maybe, I am just guessing here, but maybe the NYPD officers should have turned their backs on the NRA instead of the Mayor

This was not the time, nor place, nor the moment to demonstrate their displeasure with the mayor. Just because you can do something does not mean you should do something. In my opinion those officers who turned their backs to the mayor showed a profound disrespect for the family of Officer Ramos. Their action became more important than the officer who died.

How naive of Mayor de Blasio and the 72% of New Yorkers who voted for him to think that the NYPD is answerable to them. As if! If most of us treated out boss like this we'd be fired ASAP. Maybe a few days without pay would garner the attention of these selfish bastards?

A tasteless, selfish act of profound disrespect.

NYPD, congratulations, you are today's worst people in the world -  for making a funeral about you and not the deceased. 

Roger West