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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Radical Tea Bagger Jon Husted Voter Suppression Leader

Remember if you have an historically accurate knowledge of our founding fathers, rather then the usual tea bagger romantic one, where only white men, who are over 21 and who owned property could vote.

This was the Founding Fathers "principles". But we’ve grown and changed as a country, well most of us that is.

Now enter NFTOS' worst person in the world for the day- Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted (R) whom wants to take his State backwards to the 1700's, you know when white pasty racist men trolled the country.

Husted’s office has been flooded with criticism over his directive limiting voting hours in spite of requests from multiple election boards to stay open on weekends. He’s was also in hot water with a federal judge after he resisted a court order to restore voting hours on the last weekend before Election Day — although Husted ultimately backed down  after the judge ordered him to appear in court.

John Husted, not just a cheat, but a gutless cheat. Pity the State of Ohio Readers.

Not only have they suffered self-inflicted wounds from various polls and legislation, the State has now become a poster child for idiots in office, starting with its uber-governor, John Kasich.

Tea Baggers unit, and it would seem they are alive and well within this otherwise beautiful and friendly state.

John Husted screwed over the whole state as a legislator. Not once, but twice. No, make that three times. It must be his boyish charismatic charm.

The first time? Husted was leading the legislature when he torpedoed a steel mill investment that would have brought thousands of jobs to Ohio.

The second? Husted, as a fool-fledged, Catholic member of the Tea Bagger Troup of morons, decided to protect the Church instead of the hundreds of victims of childhood sexual abuse by priests.

The third? In order to protect the white vote, he decided to screw minorities, working women, and liberals, cutting back on access to the voting booths.

This was too much for even our conservative Federal Courts. The District court judge ruled last Friday that Husted's clearly partisan orders were not legal. But hold the phone, Husted is not yet done being an asshat- as of yesterday, Husted appealed a ruling that reinstates the final three early voting days in the battleground state, calling a decision last week by a federal appeals court "an unprecedented intrusion" into how states run elections.


Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

It's simple readers, the GOP cannot win on the tea party ideology. It is extremely unpopular with the vast majority of people. The only way that this radical ideology shall prevail is if you limit those who are against it from voting. Husted is clearly using delay tactics to impede voters' rights pure and simple!

Husted is a tool of the GOP, but mistakenly believes he is their rising star [like Scott "koch whore" walker] . He does what the operatives tell him to do in exchange for the next political office.

It is now clear readers that Secretary of State Jon Husted will stop at nothing to deny Ohioans full and equal access to the polls.

Secretary of State Jon Husted, today's worst person in the world!

Roger West