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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Scott "Koch Whore" Walker

UPDATED 2-24-11 15:48 This gift that keeps on giving!

Tuesday when Wisconsin Governor (R) Scott Walker woke up, his chest was swollen with pride, and he needed Crisco oil placed upon him so he could fit through standard doors, by days end, Walker was in need of union EMT's to provide him political CPR. Yes, how apropos is it that the "Koch Whore" (pronounced Coke) needed revival from the very group whom he is trying to emaciate.

This story to a progressive blogger is like walking through the woods and stumbling upon the staff that Moses carried during biblical times, its like being handed the keys to the pearly gates of heaven.

It just goes to show you that if you hold your cards long enough - over time - if you give a republican a long enough rope, that sooner or later they will hang themselves. The noose is tight on Walker as the "short drop" has him squealing and squirming like a pig for his political life.

In a move that would have made both Andy Breitbart and Ashton kutcher proud, buffalobeast blogger Ian Murphy PUNKD Scott Walker in an epic way. View both videos here:

Part One

The conversation continues: the other man talks about his plans to threaten workers with layoffs, about sowing divisions between the public sector and private sector unions, and the potential for their union busting efforts to spread to other states. "This is our moment," he tells Murphy when Murphy describes him as "the first domino."

Part Two

[For a longer collection of transcripted highlights of this call, click here.]

Its apparent that Scott Walker and staff failed political office protocol 101. Instead of Walker and staff asking for a call back number, their giddiness to satisfy their dad or the grand Oz overwhelmed their rationale to think logically that this call might not be real.

From listening to the conversation we clearly see that Scotties plan was never about balancing the budget, we see that Scott's ideology is the new order of republican regime, and this choke and puke politics has now been exposed for what it is. Walkers agenda is about busting up unions, make no doubt about it.

Walker's take it or leave politics now has some flaws.

Now tea bags across the land are bashing unions and protesters, especially the "EX" Deputy attorney General portrayed in a Ed Shultz video . Watch his video here:

Are you kidding me!? Is the mentality of radical tea bags?

The smoking gun is this prank call. This puppet governor answers to money guys and to the corporate overlords. Walker wasted no time in taking the fight to public sector unions, but union supporters and the alternative press have spared no expense firing back. Governor Walker's revealing conversation with a gonzo journalist pretending to be one of his wealthy financiers could constitute an ethics violation and a breach of campaign law.

Quoting sources on subject matter like political ethics:

"In a call with who he thought to be billionaire political donor David Koch, Gov. Walker may have broken campaign finance and ethics laws, If he did, he should resign."
"If you didn’t believe it before, you have to now—this fight isn’t about the budget, it’s about favors for corporate special interests. If Wisconsin law forbids coordination with political donors similar to federal law, Gov. Scott Walker is not just in political trouble, but in legal hot water."
This conversation between Walker and the Fake David Koch detail a possible Trojan horse for the Senate Democrats, potential ethics violations, close communication with other Tea Party governors, a belief in plutocracy, and an obvious history of a cozy, top-down relationship between the Kochs and Walker.

NFTOS firmly believes that Walker and the Koch brothers have a alliance to reform politics that best suits them.

Everyone knows that money buys political access. But in Wisconsin, apparently all you have to do to get the governor on the horn is just pretend to be a super-rich contributor – who also happens to be aiding his fight against unions – and he’ll be happy to take your call.

Walker is incapable of an independent thought outside of what his puppet masters want him to think, or else he would be asking himself what is going to happen to the state economy and the housing market without a middle class.

Confucius say “To see what is right and not do it, is for want of courage.”

Walker talks about how he might be the next Ronald Reagan, - even recalling that before he began the budget bill fight - he held up a picture of the former president and said: "This is our moment. This is our time to change the course of history."

Yes indeed Scotty.....Yes indeed.


Does "Collective Bargaining" Make A Difference?

Here at NFTOS we try to give you a myriad of facts when providing you a story. When we set out to do this blog several groups advised us of do's and don'ts in a digital age. One rule of thumb is to keep blogs short, 300 to 500 words for SEO, (search engine optimization) and also the reader tends to lose focus and attention after 350 words. HUH! Are you kidding me?

I say if reading more than 350 words taxes you that much then "Houston we have a problem"! Maybe we do need teacher unions to enable us to concentrate longer than 350 words. Might it help to take our ADD meds so that we ensure that our country can read more 350 words at a session?

Anyway (in my Ellen DeGeneres sarcastic voice) - we posted a story yesterday about Faux news lying yet again. Because this story was well over 350 words, so editor-in-chief Roger West thought it was best to re-post a portion of the story, which in reality is more meat of the story than Faux News Lying.

Here is the portion of blog we are speaking of:
It’s worth pointing out that, Jim Glassman, the Bush Center director who appeared on the show to argue against collective bargaining, said right after the poll was shown that “many” states actually don’t have collective bargaining. The truth is that only five states do not have collective bargaining for public employees — Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia. Those states rank 45th, 48th, 49th, 38th, and 34th, in average SAT/ACT scores, respectively. Wisconsin is 2nd.
Are you kidding me? Really....hmmmm. Five states without "collective bargaining" have less educated kids than those whom do have it. Staggering statistics to say the least. Also it should be noted that these "non-collective bargaining" states have budget deficits higher than those complaining about public unions.

Unions are the grunt workers in America, they make the product and services that get the "made in America" stamp of approval! They do the work know one else wants to do i.e. go five miles deep into the earth and grab your heat source! Unions are about dignity and respect. If you want to be treated like the 8 year old kid manufacturing NIKE shoes, then continue down this path Governors!

Now we know republicans are allergic to truth, honesty and facts, but the facts are, unions work. Collective bargaining. These two words are viral in our country. Unions are the backbone to our country. They are the men and women whom run towards the fire when you are running away. They are the guy and gal whom get there finger nails dirty. They do the job republicans will not do. Why, because it involves LABOR!

How apropos is it that when in times of disasters republicans often drape the American flag around themselves often encapsulated themselves with union fire and police. How hypocritical can one be?

Rep union hypocrite

Know the facts readers before you try to quash something as important as unions, for if not doing so, you risk the chance of having Governors with hidden agendas like Scott "Koch Whore" Walker destroying the backbone of our middle class.  

Giving credit where its due - Sheppard Smith daytime horseshoe guy from Faux news jeopardized his career yesterday at Faux by telling the truth. Yes that's right, a Fauxy told the truth. NFTOS is sure that Roger Ailes has issued the pink slip to Shep, but its good to see that someone inside camp tea bag has the stones to be honest and call a spade a spade when they see it. Watch Shep here:

I am not a unionite, nor have I ever been one. I choose the SAT (College) path. But to not support unions is both un-American and UNJUST!

Its what we progressives call SOCIAL JUSTICE...Learn it, Know it, Live it.