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Monday, September 20, 2010


Oh the treasures Bill Mahr holds. 22 gems that are of the newly founded "axis of idiots" Christine O'Donnell.

So lets see the count for the tea bagger;

1. No Masturbation
2. Women in uniform is a no-no and is detrimental to theater actions
3. Dabble in witchcraft
4. Lie about anything of relevance i.e. education etc.
5. Take campaign monies to pay mortgage and or rent
6. Cross breeding with mice having fully functioning brains.

You get the picture, as we see Chrissy is as delusional at her momma grizzly Sarahnoya Palin.

The Republican movement has stomped their moderate party followers for the extremism that is Beck, Palin, Rove, O'Donnell, and Loesch.

I don't know much about our readers, but I doubt many of then have "dabbled" in devil worshipping.

Running for any seat higher than Governor folks is serious business! The likes of O'Donnell are not and do not meet the criterion for such seats. Yet Dana Loesch Queen asshat of the Republican establishment has the audacity on her blog today to attack the 'Mullet" hair do of Bill Mahr. This is the mentality of this gal. Personal attack Bill because he holds damaging video of the AOI (Axis of Idiots) titled Christine O'Donnell.

Loesch speaks of "grass roots" "we the people", and "don't tread on me" all while directing a movement of anger, hate and discontent. Quoting Loesch
"Look, we’re all guilty of inane, youthful behavior, some of us continue certain aspects of it (see the above mullet) well into our adulthood. We’ve all had stupid hairstyles, said stupid things, I even campaigned for the Non-Accusatory Knuckle-Pointer Clinton before I could vote and I and millions of other Americans used to tight-roll our jeans. One time my girlfriends and I even got – are you ready for this? – an ouija board out of a game closet during a slumber party at a friend’s house. OMGBBQGASP!!1! If any one of us were required to run for office while teenagers not a single one of us would have passed inspection. We had not the benefit of maturity.

So why is it now that Christine O’Donnell’s teenage admissions from 14 years ago are more relevant today than her positions on policy today? Answer: the left is trying to spin any candidate with tea party backing as “extreme” or as a “kook” and this is the only way they can since the majority of Americans identify with the grassroots more so than with the Democrat congress"

Every time Loesch opens her mouth she states the obvious stupid. So lets see hypothetically, a teen is convicted of murder, should we assume 14 years later that teen is not still FUBAR.

My first problem is if Chrissy was a teenager while saying all these ridiculous comments why would HBO and Bill Mahr be entertaining her?

At the end of Loesch's banter today she closes with "Can we get back to policy now". My question is when has Dear Dana and her loathsome banshees freaks ever spoke on policy? Its always bitch and moan how Uncle Sam has wronged them and how the Constitution has failed them and lets modify such document to appease our FUBAR ways.

Its sad that O'Donnell can't match the rhetoric and bullshit of Loesch. But many are unmatched in speaking hate politics like Loesch.

O'Donnell cancelled talk tv due to "being exhausted". I can't wait to see what her puppeteers come up with once they find a battle plan for not only the witch craft but the remaining 22 videos. But just released, O'Donnell called Fox news and stated she had conflicting schedule...Well Chrissy what lie do we believe, your sick or scheduling conflict.

The words crook and embezzler come to mind along with fruity, nutty, nut job, and unable to sustain a career longer than one month...well readers she is like her mentor, the part time Governor Saranoya Palin whom couldn't finish her seat in Alaska.

Holloween is coming up, maybe we shall see the "witchy women" flying her broom very soon.