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Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Mission Accomplished"

‎2,645 days since George W. Bush profoundly declared "Mission Accomplished" in Iraq while wearing a flight suit and landing on an aircraft carrier. But like so many other catastrophes associated with the Bush administration, in the end, Bush always seems to get the last laugh. Maybe declaring "Mission Accomplished" was not that crazy after all. If the "mission" in Iraq was to bilk the federal government for hundreds of billions of dollars in "no-bid" contracts for politically-connected corporations like Halliburton, KBR, and Blackwater-Xe, reaping enormous profits for Dick Cheney's Old Boys' network -- then it's safe to say: "Mission Accomplished."

Or if the "mission" was to privatize a socialist-leaning economy in the heart of the Middle East through bombing parastatals and government enterprises to create future investment opportunities for U.S.-based conglomerates and other multinational corporations -- then it's safe to say: "Mission Accomplished."

And if the "mission" was to seize sweeping Executive powers and use the Iraq war to scare the hell out of the American people with graphic descriptions of "weapons of mass destruction," "smoking guns," and "mushroom clouds"; if the objective was to win the 2002 midterm elections in an atmosphere of war and win re-election in 2004 as a "wartime" president; if the "mission" was to tarnish your political opponents as "unpatriotic" whenever they criticized your war of choice; if the purpose was to lock-in obscene Cold War-levels of military spending for the foreseeable future -- "Mission Accomplished."

If the "mission" was to wreck a nation that once prided itself on its modernity and level of economic development; if the goal was to weaken a nationalistic Arab country that has water resources, agricultural land, a technocratic class, and immense oil reserves; if the aim was to turn Baghdad into the most violent city on Earth with hideous blast walls, bombed-out buildings, and open sewers, forcing millions of Iraqis to live in squalor as an example to those who might challenge U.S. power -- then it's "Mission Accomplished."

Afghanistan's is where the war needed to be, and no Mr. Bush this conflict can not be called "Mission Accomplished"! Asshat!

What say ye tea bagger??

These are the facts and they are indisputable, while this blogger rests his case he reserves the right to call rebuttal witnesses........

Excerpts taken from Joe Palermo blog May 2009