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Friday, March 9, 2012



We may be witnessing the death of the teapublican Party. If so, good riddance!

The party apparatus has lied to its faithful since its inception: The party of small government… the party of freedom… the party that supports the Constitution… the party of the 2nd Amendment [the only amendment known to the unlettered group]. The rhetoric has never matched the performance, but the faithful proles always held out hope that the next time would be different. They held their collective noses and voted for the candidate the elites shoved down their throats.

It is this mind-numbing ignorance that wallows amongst the teapublican Party — the so-called party of conservatism — to promote a pack of status quo leftists as conservatives and get away with it. It is what allows the doublethink to thrive: War is peace; freedom is slavery; ignorance is strength. Add one more: Left is right.

The teapublican firing squad consists of:

RINO [republican in name only]

Reagan conservatives: Implies exactly what is says. 1950 GOP er

Faux News Conservative: 

These are one of the angriest groups of teapublicans. They watch Faux News or listen to Conservative Talk Radio and they think it makes them an expert on politics. The only knowledge they have of politics is parroted talking points without any facts to back them up. When you defeat them in debate they will resort to calling you names like “Liberal”, or “commie” or “socialist” or “baby-killer” etc. They think all liberals are socialists that want to take their money and give it to people who don’t deserve it.

Radical Christian Republicans:
These teapublicans are hypocrites. They do everything in the name of Christ, while simultaneously acting as un-Christlike as humanly possible. They support the right to carry assault weapons, are pro-War, and completely ignore the fact that the Bible depicts Christ as a Liberal who was opposed to capitalism and violence. They sincerely believe that this is God’s country and that God loves us more than anyone else in the world. They think that anyone that is not 100% pro-Israel is anti-semitic. They hate everyone that doesn’t agree with them and think the Bible tells them to, and they hate Gay people because they think they are sinners.

Racist republicans:

 Racist Republicans hate Obama because he’s black. They think that all Muslims are terrorists. They think Obama is a terrorist Muslim. The think anyone with a name like Obama’s is a terrorist.

Birther Republicans:

The birthers think that Obama was born in Kenya. No matter how much evidence you present them with that is contradictory to that they will continue to insist that he is not the legitimate President. They are sore-losers because McCain lost the election, and they will never support Obama, even if he paid off the entire National Debt.


These teapublicans are a dumbed-down combination of the previous 2 groups of teapublicans. They think Sarah Palin is intelligent and it’s the media filter’s fault that she looks so stupid. They think Reagan was fiscally Conservative even though he tripled the deficit. They watch Faux News religiously, and think Glenn Beck is credible. They don’t understand why people think they’re racist while they’re standing next to people holding racist signs. They protest higher taxes even though taxes have gone down for 95% of working families.

Unlettered republicans:

These teapublicans are teapublicans because they think it’s cool. They have a teapublican in one of the other groups listed, so they think they know what they’re talking about. They have terrible spelling and grammar but they expect you to believe whatever they say because they are saying it to you.


On the current trajectory (and assuming that no untoward events change the calculus before November), Barack Obama seems well on his way to winning a second term in the White House. Of the reasons for this prediction, three stand out: teapublicans, tea baggers and still more teapublicans.

With uncanny precision, the teapublican party and its membership, abetted by the tea baggers and powerful negative public opinion that holds Congress in virtual contempt, have formed not one but multiple circular firing squads. "Ready, aim, fire" not "ready, fire, aim" is the order of the day!

When conservatism was riding high during the Reagan era, Ronnie himself decreed that no member of the movement should speak ill of another [GOP 11th commandment]. Presumably, he would be appalled by the current conservative propensity for circular firing squads.

It’s truly a sign of a party in crisis when the true-believers – panicked by the prospect of Republican defeat, yet determined not to acknowledge reality - commence to shooting their own pessimistic messengers. Purity tests are being administered, and scorn is being heaped on those who flunk. Indeed, any conservative who dares to question the well-documented ineptitude of the current candidates, or the lame duck president’s [G.W. Bush] horrific track record, is peremptorily dismissed as “pathetically opportunistic”.

Anyone who defies the groupthink of the bunker is risking retribution, although it should be noted that this situation is not entirely new. Back in 2005, Bruce Bartlett, a teapublican commentator and former Reagan official, wrote a book entitled Betrayal, which contended that President Bush was bankrupting America and betraying the Reagan legacy. On the eve of publication, Bartlett was a senior fellow at a conservative Texas think tank. But by time Betrayal went on sale, Bartlett was a former senior fellow…having been summarily dismissed.

This circular firing squad is really not surprising to those of us watching the field of advanced Wingnutology. But when a political party has sold it's followers a phony ideology based on radicalism - and the politics of grievances, what more can this group of fruitcakes do but attack each other?

If the teapublican party isn’t having a collective nervous breakdown about the impending November election, it’s doing a pretty good imitation. The level of finger-pointing within the conservative movement is getting uglier by the moment.

The heat of the moment is melting away the niceties that bind together the members of this radical political party.

I say, let the circular firing squad continue!

Roger West