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Saturday, April 11, 2015


Bill Maher ended his show tonight by putting America’s religious freedom debate in some context: at least U.S. fundamentalists have been reined in, but Muslim nations need to do the same. (This came at the end of a show where Maher and Fareed Zakaria argued about Maher’s critiques of Islam.)

Maher found it hilarious that the culture wars have progressed to the point where conservatives are fighting for the right not to serve wedding cakes to gay people. After all, he said, the Bible dictates “being gay is an abomination and we must destroy it by denying it pastry.”

But as nutty as America’s fundamentalists are, Maher said that Islam has “crazy scripture” too, and moderates need to “hijack it,” take the “crazy parts” out, and hope for a more peaceful time when, just like the U.S., their biggest fights are over gay cake.


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