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Wednesday, October 15, 2014



There has been no lack of conservatives freaking out on Bullshit Mountain [Fox News] to discuss the arrival of the deadly Ebola virus in America, and they have had a fair measure of success frightening a surprisingly large segment of their viewership.



Republicans and their conservative cabal have even combined their ISIL fear-mongering tactics with their immigration fear-mongering to distract Americans going into an important midterm election. Except for the medical researchers and infectious disease scientists from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and National Institute of Health (NIH), there has been precious little information from real medical professionals of any repute that could relieve the rising fear and anxiety among the population that knows little about the virus, or what precautions they need, if any, to protect themselves and their families.

Although experts claim there is little reason for panic of a devastating outbreak of the deadly virus in America, a recent Harvard poll revealed that 39% of American adults are worried about a large-scale outbreak and over 25% are mortified that an immediate family member will be stricken with the infectious virus and die. What America needs at times like this is a trusted public health expert and medical professional to educate the public about the risk of contracting Ebola and reassure them that there is little to worry about and what steps to take to stay safe and Ebola-free.

Last November 14th, the President nominated Dr. Vivek H. Murthy, an extremely qualified candidate to replace ‘acting’ Surgeon General Dr. Regina Benjamin. It took three months, but the Senate finally got around to holding a confirmation hearing for Dr. Murthy’s appointment. However, the National Rifle Association exerted its very substantial legislative prerogative and blocked Murthy’s confirmation because he does not recognize that the NRA is “fourth and all-powerful branch of the federal government” and called for sane gun restrictions to prevent more Americans from dying unnecessarily from the gun violence epidemic. It is exactly what a real medical professional, and highly-qualified potential Surgeon General of the United States is supposed to do - help prevent a deadly epidemic from spreading to save American lives.

It is a sad state of affairs when Republicans and their puppet masters - the NRA, are able to wield such powerful influence that they will not vote to confirm Dr. Murthy. Ebola is not an epidemic in America and a trusted Surgeon General would ease the fear and anxiety among the growing number of Americans worried they or their families will contract and succumb to the virus. However, because the qualified Surgeon General candidate believes easing the proliferation of guns driving the real American epidemic killing over a hundred Americans daily and injuring even more, the National Rifle Association, Republicans, and a few gun-shy Democrats will not allow his confirmation.

With the blockage of Dr. Vivek H. Murthy - along with a republcian lead congress reducing federal dollars to PHEP [Public Health Emergency Preparedness Cooperative Agreement Funding] by half since 2006 [See above Gantt Chart] its no wonder why America is not prepared for a Ebola outbreak.

Naturally, like all things tea bagger, if Obama wasn't busy covering up Benghazi conspiracies by playing golf, we would be more prepared for Ebola.

Conservatives are our own worst enemy. This story is a prime example readers of why we should always - "remember to spay or neuter your Republicans".

Roger West