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Tuesday, October 7, 2014



Stephen Colbert took to the airwaves last night to mock Fox News's relentless scare tactics about Ebola.

Video Courtesy of Comedy Central

As only Colbert can, he eviscerates the ignorance that is Fox News, and as per the norm, Fox News avoids the scientific facts and goes full monty with their mantra of serial misinformation.

I certainly hope that this Faux News Ebola "scare" is over soon before some kid dresses up as an Ebola patient on Halloween, trick-or-treating, and makes the mistake of ringing [conservative right wing nutjob] Kincannon's doorbell - and is "humanely executed!"

And they say there are no "death panels" in the U.S.

Fox News, Todd Kincannon, Betsy McCaughey and "judge" Jeannie Pirro - you are today's asshats of the day. Congrats fear mongers.

Roger West