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Thursday, March 8, 2012



Even in death Andrew Breitbart remains the pimple on the ass of society. Ole pathetically hyperbolic and insignificant in death as he was in life.

Breitbart’s fearless heirs have unleashed the BREITBARTOCALYPSE! Barack Hussein Obama can only cower in terror. The earth-shattering scoop that will blow this baby wide open has now be revealed

Before his death, Andrew Breitbart had been promising a true BOMBSHELL revelation about Barack Obama, a stunner that would finally put an end to Obama’s reign of terror.

Apparently the tape that Andrew Breitbart was talking about before his death, which has now been released, shows Barack Obama as a law student embracing Professor Derrick Bell. On the Breitbart site, they are saying that "this video is a bombshell showing that Barack Obama not only associated with radicals, he was their advocate."

I have to tell you readers, before the video's release I was expecting earth shattering evidence that POTUS was a major drug runner, mass murderer, or better yet someone whom was living a total lie, but nothing, all the hyperbole for hugging a radical black professor.


[ref above video] Hold......... wait for it, its' coming, just hold............Is that it? WTF, you have to be kidding me! Did I miss it? What part of that was the bombshell, because my staff I certainly missed it.!

Breitbart's promised video of Barack Obama's college days at Harvard University which was released last night in full on Sean Hannity's Faux News show —and unlike the dead conservative provocateur's other video hits, this one appears to be a huge DUD! Seriously!

Pollack justifying the content of video, becasue even he knows there is nothing to it.

Jay Thomas, a Sirius radio host jumped into the fray while on CNN asking Breitbart stooge Joel Pollak:
"Can I say something as a white person?" Thomas asked Pollak. "What are you frightened of? Are you frightened that some black people are going to do something to you? ... What do you think Barack Obama's going to do? Is there a secret black movement that's going to start killing white people?"

Upon the release of the video journalists took to Twitter to poke fun at the controversy. "Breitbart's CPAC speech = Lana Del Ray's 'Video Games' video," Slate's Dave Weigel wrote on Twitter. "Actual Obama tape = Lana Del Ray on 'SNL.'"

On CNN, Pollak promised more footage and more bombshells from Breitbart's archives:
"This is the beginning of a vetting process that begins with Andrew Breitbart's probe into Barack Obama's time in Chicago and will continue," he said.

Pollak is supposed to be an educated law grad (Harvard no less), does he understand what "vetting means" - if this video is a thorough and diligent review of POTUS, then Pollak needs a refund for tuition paid, and should return his degree! I have often said those at are a very unlettered group, this only substantiates the theory.

Bombshell", yes, this is proof positive that even back in law school POTUS was showing all the signs of becoming exactly the kind of leader that we see in him everyday!

Just how unlettered are Breitbart followers you ask?

In the spirit of the Breitbart [i.e. spreading falsehoods]:

BREAKING: "POTUS had Breitbart killed - because Andrew was to expose POTUS for hugging a professor." Even though it's not true spread the word I am sure ole Andy would enjoy this conspiracy theory. Only in tea bagger land readers, only in tea bagger land!

Just because the lead buffoon is dead - don't expect the galactally stupid to end the mission.



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