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Friday, June 3, 2011


Glenn Beck: "I Have Been Given The Gift, The Blessing, Or The Curse" To See "Slightly Over The Horizon"
And as it was foretold, lo, there was great wailing and gnashing of teeth as the Great Prophet Beck continued to pummel those who would not believe with babbling words and strange and foreign ideas. And the non-believers turned and said one to another "What manner of man is this who can look over the hedgerow and see things that do not exist?" And the lefties and Muslims plotted against the Prophet, "How can we have him fall silent so that he can no longer torture our ears so?"
28 days (Beck's last day on Faux News is June 30th) on television is a long time for the prophet of God who has now publicly indicated God has chosen him to save us and the Jewish people from certain genocide at the hands of not only Muslims but those on the left. This is the proclamation he now owns. How long can this madness continue? Here we have a radio shock jock asserting himself as the Messiah. Can it get any creepier?

Glenn Becks Messiah Complex has run rampant for many months now. (A messiah complex (also known as the Christ complex or savior complex) is a state of mind in which an individual holds a belief they are, or are destined to become, a savior).

Beck's speeches often sound like a schlocky Spider-Man soliloquy. Maybe the evil coming is Doctor Octopus!

Personally I don't think beck has the gift of being able to find his posterior with both hands, but as long as he's just slightly more gifted and blessed than his typical fan, he's got a gig somewhere. A few readings if you will from the Book of Beckocalyspe:

A second reading from the Book of Beckocalypse," And so it came to pass that another prophecy failed. But The Great One, the Becksiah, simply said, "Fear not my flock it shall happen...we just need to keep waiting. If it fails to come I will simply rewrite the prophecy. " The Becksiah got out his trusty guide book to the Beckocalypse i.e. the writings of Cleon Skousen, and studied them deeper. And Lo!!!, Beck saw the light. " I will simply keep saying bad things, and they will happen..... and eventually I'll be right". it was so, so simple."
A third reading from the book of Beckocalypse "Woe unto you non-believers in me who still laugh at my claim to be able to see over your heads, beyond next Tuesday, and into the valley of Cannan. You shall be put out of the temple where large hailstones shall fall on your heads because you did not heed my warning to always carry an umbrella, and your feet will burn in the fire where I shall standing not wanting shoes because I am adorned with Asbestos socks."

Praise be to Beck, and the Trinity ( O'Riley, Hanity, Ailes and Faux News) and remember Beck's children -buy gold and disaster relief rations, for then and only then will all be good with the world.

Beck you

All we can say here at NFTOS is.........WOW!


UPDATE:Beck: "When I Leave Fox, ... Please Listen To Every Program. Things Are Going To Happen" Fast