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Friday, May 11, 2012



When the douche bag named Dana Loesch feels left out of the limelight, she often reverts to the fringe of the radical tea bagger society. This wannabe Ann Coultergeist - with a dash of Queen Snowbilly Sarah Palin, has a disgusting pattern of mean and hate well embedded within her. The very gal whom often complains of death threats herself, backs an asshat whom threatens the life of a Democratic Senator. Make no bones about it; Dana Loesch is the epitome of Aleistar Crowley, only this dimwitted damsel is in the female form. This college dropout, once Democrat, has more off the chart rhetoric than Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh combined.

Ever since Jared Loughner went all John Hinckley Jr. and brazenly fired shots at Arizona Democratic Congresswoman Gabby Gifford, putting her in a coma and killing six innocent bystanders, publically remarking that you want to kill a member of Congress, no matter how inadvertently hilarious the analogy, is really, really not cool.

Reference of course to Scott Boston, the deranged tea bagger who called for the killing of Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill at a TPE event at which McCaskill’s Republican challenger, Sarah Steelman (R), was in attendance.

Not surprisingly, Brietbart spawn and morphed pretend journalist, Dana Loesch of CNN, whose only credentials appear to be having an active Twitter account, defended Boston’s remarks. After all, it’s the Christian God-given constitutional right of every freedumb-fighting patriot to freely threaten the life of a sitting politician with whom you disagree with, and ”don’t tread on me” if you think different. But what this Aleistar Crowley apprentice neglected to mention in her diatribe of Scott Boston was that she co-founded a conservative activist group with questionable objectives with him.

During Loesch’s cacophonous incoherent defense of Boston in one of her articles for Big Government, Loesch reported that the FBI questioned Boston about his remarks at his home in St. Louis. But conspicuously absent from her perambulate entry was that Loesch and Boston helped to found the Gateway Grassroots Initiative, which is dedicated to, “advancing conservatism at the national, state, and local levels,” according to Media Matters. Also, it seems that Boston co-authored a post promoting the Gateway Grassroots Initiative at One peripheral glance at the group and its so-called, “advancement of conservative principles” - what you see is yet another radical group of angry white men who take their cues from William J Simmons [kkk founder] and Moammar Gadhafi warlords.

Sending Dana Loesch packing is the right thing to do. CNN’s ROI [return on investment] from Loesch has to be nil to none. While her enthusiastic spirit to rule the world “pinky and the brain” style was entertaining 10 years ago, Ms. Loesch is a worn out old sea hag whom needs to be retired to the pastures.

Roger West