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When Roger West first launched the progressive political blog "News From The Other Side" in May 2010, he could hardly have predicted the impact that his venture would have on the media and political debate. As the New Media emerged as a counterbalance to established media sources, Roger wrote his copious blogs about national politics, the tea party movement, mid-term elections, and the failings of the radical right to the vanguard of the New Media movement. Roger West's efforts as a leading blogger have tremendous reach. NFTOS has led the effort to bring accountability to mainstream media sources such as FOX NEWS, Breitbart's "Big Journalism. Roger's breadth of experience, engaging style, and cultivation of loyal readership - over 92 million visitors - give him unique insight into the past, present, and future of the New Media and political rhetoric that exists in our society today. What we are against: Radical Right Wing Agendas Incompetent Establishment Donald J. Trump Corporate Malfeasence We are for: Global and Econmoic Security Social and Economic Justice Media Accountability THE RESISTANCE

Saturday, November 7, 2015


Bill Maher closed his show out on Friday by ridiculing a Republican electorate demanding that their next presidential candidate have as little political experience as possible.

“Experience? Knowing things? Republicans avoid that stuff like a gay son,” Maher said.

If Ben Carson is so proud of his own lack of experience, he argued, he should let someone with no medical training operate on his brain.

“Given some of the shit that comes out of his month, I think someone already has,” he added.

Maher went so far as to say that seeing Carson and Donald Trump — or “Crazy McSleepy Pants” and “Captain Carnival Barker,” respectively — topping Republican voter polls caused him to shift his stance on wanting a shorter election season.

Unlike French or British voters, Maher said, Americans are “far too dim and distracted” to vote responsibly without having a longer election season to help them winnow out the candidates.
“If our election season was just two months long, Trump would have won already in a landslide,” Maher said. “But time is our greatest ally against idiot candidates. Already you’re seeing people tiring of Trump because he has three pieces of schtick: ‘I’m great,’ ‘Mexico’s laughing at us,’ ‘constipated toddler face.'”

Roger West