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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Breitbart and Loesch Two Peas In A Pod

Andrew Breitbart, what a piece of work this cat is!!! The truth is she was telling a story of getting over her fear of white people her racism and how she over came it!

You Andy are a liar and manipulator and this tape you posted was edited by you! Where the fuck do you tea baggers come from and get off? Whether your racist or not your political views are so freaking far off, convoluted, and delusional!
Andy you are someones bitch for the tea party and your dumbass move here will solidify you going away as a asshat you are.

I can say that I can now see why Loesch has that same holier than though crappy attitude. It must be a prerequisite for future Tea Baggers! The NAACP is calling tea baggers out because your own pinion was caught with his and in the racial cookie jar. So now the Breitbarts and Loesch's of the world twist yet another story to save the tea baggger society.

If you folks where grown ups, you would move on with your position and fight the battles you can win, and racism is not one of them! As mentioned in a previous "Ann Coulter" Owned video, you tea baggers "Just make up shit"!

So that we know they are both linked at the hip, here is the web address of Loesch and the despicable Breitbart in better times!

Posting bits and pieces of video to mold a story to your way should be criminal Mr. Breibart!

First learn to pronounce the woman's name correctly its Sher-rod! Yes the CNN interview was with the farmers wife. You gotta stop grasping at straws tea baggers!"1Million Strong" , your gonna have to accumulate more than that big boy to get your feet back in the political door!

Ms. Sherrod lost her job because you chose a sleazy way to attack the NAACP! I am amazed that both you and Loesch have a reading and listening audience!

You are a ballsy man for your shenanigans big man and while I see your true colors I am in hopes that America See's that the bagger movements has hit its acme and it's all down here from there.

Breitbart, you have been selected as deviant asshat of the week!


Dana Loesch AKA Blogger Extraordinaire

This gal never seems to amaze me, last night she was frothing at the mouth about Tea bagger racists. The first night we viewed this asshat she had the backing of Ben Stein and the right wing establishment lost that evening. Last night she had the backing of The eldest Reagan. Funny how he is appearing on her radio show today, the tea bagger that plays together falls together, anyway while on LKL last night she was spewing the garbage from her previous visit to the show. During the end of show Reagan got a jab in and she stammered 'YEAH' and laughed hysterically like a teen whom couldn't defend herself out of a wet paper bag. While I don't propose to know the educational background of Loesch, but from watching her antics and viewing her on tv with the smug cocky shitty attitude I would assume we are dealing with a High School education at best!

Quoting Loesch on her blog regarding the latest rant about the USDA dumping a African American woman speaking about her own racism and battling through it. Loesch quote "The curtain is pulled back and now Americans see what most of us knew all along anyway: that modern journalism is dead, that you only see it in practice anymore in the blogosphere, the new penny press. If ever there was proof that a liberal bias exists in media, this is it. Only those who wish to operate under the disingenuous and intellectually-suppressive narrative of faux-media objectivity for the sake of schilling an agenda that fails without aid of lies will deny it."

I would assume that Ben Stein is writing for her or she picks her rhetoric from another source. Again I am thinking the IQ here is below college bound students.

Quoting Loesch on her blog site, "and if you don’t have anything nice to say about anyone come sit by me". "At this time I am not opening comments because I simply do not have the time to babysit the flamewar that the comments will MOST DEFINITELY dissolve into. Right now this is a one-sided discourse, maybe that will change, but I seriously doubt it will in the foreseeable future. If you’ve a question I’ve an email address, but just know that I may ignore any debate-y emails because I’m lazy and don’t give a damn. I reserve the right to do whatever I wish with any correspondence sent to me".

Why is this, Dana?!?! Why, because you don't have the stones to stand by your psycho babble bullshit, two, you couldn't go toe to toe with a college educated human, three, its easy to bash the system and hide behind the computer screen.

Dana Loesch, get out from under the rug and behind the Reagan's, Coulter's and any other shirt tail your riding and use your own message, your own words, and have all the facts when you come to LKL.

And as we have said before we understand why your comments are blocked on your blog! When one speaks out of her/their ass its hard to maintain a bloggers real intent and that is when you speak let the masses respond, but that the thing with the likes of someone with a little knowledge base and freedom of speech, two dangerous combinations in the likes of a Dana Loesch!