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Sunday, December 16, 2012



Gun advocates need to stop hiding behind the Second Amendment after every time mass shootings like this occur, and we need to impose upon the nation’s lawmakers to recognize changes going on in our country - and to get serious about cracking down on guns.

Lets be real readers, the men responsible for drafting and writing the Constitution themselves owned slaves, and by modern standards - they would certainly be considered not very tolerant men.

Times they are a changing in these here United States, and as attitudes change, lawmakers need to recognize this. Both sides of the isle, all politicians need to stop listening to the NRA Bully Pulpit, AKA the gun lobbyist and start seriously addressing the issue of gun control.

In a perfect world, for our system (Democracy) to work we need a transparent forum where the public can be assured that issues are debated fairly and reasonably; where those who’s job it is to study, investigate and inform are free from threat or retribution; and, we need a government who is unafraid and will consider all the evidence – wherever it may lead. Unfortunately, we live in the real world where the NRA, the bullies in the American political schoolyard, have stymied dialogue, intimated policy makers (current and future) and corrupted our electoral system almost beyond recognition.

That is axiomatic and only the most strident and extreme gun zealots would argue with this characterization of the NRA’s pernicious effect on our body politic. But now, as if we needed more, we have fresh evidence of the deleterious impact the bullies have had on even just the studying of the effect of the proliferation of guns in our society.

You can buy an unlimited number of guns in Arizona. You can buy gun parts piece by piece in any part of the country and put one together without ever having a to be exposed to a waiting period or a background check.

Loopholes in laws exist everywhere, acquiring guns is know different. Gun show loop holes have to be closed, period!

I was thinking while sitting at my desk right after this event, and one failed attempt at a shoe bomb, and we all take off our shoes at the airport; 31 school shootings since Columbine, and no change in our regulations of guns! Why is this you ask, because of "The American Bully Pulpit" AKA The National Rifle Association. Until we stand up to these bullies, we shall ever never escape the chains of unregulated gun laws.

If your first reaction to this horrible act or any shooting is to think or say; "Oh shit, Obama and the socialist liberals are going to try to take our guns and second amendments away" - then your priorities as a human being suck at best, and your mentality pretty much makes you as f*&ked up as the shooter himself!

At a minimum: If food stampers have to take drug tests to get the stamps, then people whom want to buy a gun should have to take and pass a psychological evaluation!

The only good news is that the best antidote to NRA-style contemptuous behavior and manipulation of our political system is exactly what our Founders (at least some of them) envisioned: a informed, engaged citizenry. If and when we actually turn on the light, the political cockroaches, the NRA, and those whom hide behind their second amendment rights, shall scurry back into the darkness, to never ever be heard from, or feared from again.

I would close with: "Dear Gun Toting Second Amendment Holy Roller Internet People: Maybe choose another day to make pro-gun statements. Sincerely, Good Taste"

**David Gregory of Meet The Press called 31 people in congress who support guns to come on his show this am. Not one would go on his show!

Roger West