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Monday, December 20, 2010

Michele Bachmann To Sit On Intel Committee

Is this not the biggest oxymoron of the century, Bachmann and Intelligence?

Rep. Michele Bachmann, the Minnesota Republican who helped create a tea party caucus of House members is getting a seat on the House Intelligence Committee.

Speaker-designate John "Tan Man" Boehner (R, Ohio) named Ms. Bachmann, a favorite with tea party activists, to the panel a few weeks after she bowed out of a potentially combative race for the job of Republican Conference chairman, the no. 4 slot in the party’s leadership hierarchy. Boehner thought better to have Bachmann get Intel info, than to have the lunatic 4th in command.

Ms. Bachmann is considered a prolific fundraiser and influential voice for the tea bags conservative base. She raised more than $13 million in the last two years.

She also has a record or history of foot-in-mouth disease by making sparks fly with her comments on a wide array of issues.

In 2008, she caused an uproar after she suggested President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, were “anti-American” and called on the media to investigate whether members of Congress are “pro-American or anti-America.” Last month, she said the White House was spending $200 million-a-day for the president’s trip to Asia – a figure the White House dismissed as “a long trip from reality.”

Ms. Bachmann, in a statement, said it “was a leading desire of mine to serve on this panel because of the key role it plays in keeping our nation safe.”

Do we really want muttonheads like Bachmann making National Security decisions, or even being privy to this type of information?

How is it that so many females of the republican persuasion become such ideological psycho babblers of inane fecal matter? Bachmann, Angel, O'Donnell, Palin, the plethora of female lunatics from righty land are never ending.

Ms Bachmann has also taken it upon herself to "tutor" incoming freshman congressman on constitutional education classes.

I have a superabundance of issues with Bachmann being a congresswoman, never mind sitting on committees and teaching constitutional law! Whatever happened to someone being a subject matter expert on things before they go forth to set out to conquer the world.

Bachmann goes on to say "We're going to practice every week, if you will, our craft, which is studying and learning the Declaration, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights,"

What is it about this country that those so supremely qualified to be Senators, or Justices or Republicans, could be felled by the likes of the Michele Bachmann's of our nation?

All of us recited the same Pledge of Allegiance, we all say words, "liberty and justice for all," thousands and thousands of times.

Just like the rest of us, Bachmann pledged a allegiance, but hers and the republicans allegiance is to a nation for the rich, republicans pledge allegiance to a nation that has two sets of tax rules, one for the rich and another for the poor, Bachmann pledges allegiance to a nation that has two set of laws, one for children of immigrants, and then a different and better set for others' children.

Michele Bachmann says the words of the Pledge. But clearly Michele Bachmann doesn't take the Pledge to heart. For where is the heart, or the justice, in Bachmann's proposals to cut back government spending on programs that enable the hungry to eat, the ill to get medical care, the old to get health insurance? There isn't any.

Where is the liberty in Bachmann's proposals that Social Security should be eliminated or that the minimum wage not be increased? There isn't any.

Today we learn that the irrational, kooky, maniacal, nonsensical, nutty, preposterous, psyched out, Bachmann is to seek a senate seat in 2012, and then place her sights in 2016 on a Presidential stratagem.

Bachmann's suit is her fundraiser power, while many radical righties support her, I doubt America could swallow a Bachmann for President campaign. Bachmann the inventor of "don't Palinize" me, which in republican dialect means:

- To smear or mock someone using falsehoods, baseless accusations or unsubstantiated character assassinations for the purpose of blocking them from achieving a goal.

- To exaggerate the truth or lie by omission.

- To attack a person for his or her conservative values by focusing an inordinate amount of attention on a single example of that person falling short (or being perceived as falling short) of the values they espouse. We all certainly can attest that Bachmann has more than her share of comments that "fall short" of the truth.

Sarah Palin is a beacon of sanity compared to Michele Bachmann. To think that such insanity and ignorance graces the halls of our Congress is truly a travesty of epic proportions. When it comes to Michele Bachmann I am often left wondering if somewhere there is an asylum missing a lunatic.