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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


As of last night, there were three dead, 176 injured. Of the 176, 71 remain hospitalized, 24 in critical condition and of the critical at least two are confirmed to be children, one the sister of the boy who died - she has lost a leg.

Some have been trying to focus on the victims. But as information comes from both the officials and the world of social media some pieces are coming together - possibly.
The WHDH photos show what looks like a grocery shopping bag placed just outside of a barrier before and after what appears to be second the explosion. If this is the case it is surprising that no runners were seriously injured.

It is just haunting to see the innocent spectators in one image and then the carnage, the shoes, the blood, in the second.

If this is the bomb, it seems to different than the first explosion - the scene closest to the finish line across the street from the viewing stand full of VIPs. That explosion seemed to come from the inside the barrier, perhaps somewhere on the sidewalk.

And then there are the photographs released to agencies that show what appears to be a pressure cooker piece and an exploded backpack.

No official has confirmed that the bag in the WHDH photos actually contained a bomb. But if it did, could it have been just one person wearing a backpack and carrying a bag?

Suppose someone knows a friend, family member or neighbor who bought two pressure cookers lately? Do we tell someone? Is that typical? If I'd purchased two pressure cookers to can or whatever, I wouldn't mind a visit from the police or FBI.

As reported by WHDH, authorities have been asking anyone who was taking photos in the area, and not just photos of the explosion, but anytime before or after the explosions, to share the images with the FBI or local law enforcement:
The FBI and other law enforcement agencies repeatedly appealed to the public to come forward with photos, videos or anything suspicious they might have seen or heard.
"The range of suspects and motives remains wide open," Richard DesLauriers, FBI agent in charge in Boston, said at a news conference. He vowed to "go to the ends of the Earth to identify the subject or subjects who are responsible for this despicable crime."

BREAKING NFTOS NEWS: John  King of CNN is reporting that a significant breakthrough is about to come in the bombing case. King has been hinting that the FBI knows who they are looking for.

Stay tuned to NFTOS as addition news comes in.


Letter to White House Flagged, Hart Building Evacuated


A letter addressed to President Obama containing a suspicious substance was intercepted Tuesday by authorities at a remote White House mail screening facility, according to the Secret Service.

The letter follows the discovery Tuesday of a ricin-laced letter sent to Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.).

The federal court system failed the transparency test and underestimated projected costs with its five-year capital-projects plan, report finds.

This can't be the news South Carolina Republicans wanted to see weeks before special election.

Edwin Donovan, deputy assistant director of the U.S. Secret Service, did not identify the substance. However, he said the Secret Service is working closely with the U.S. Capitol Police and the FBI.

The substance was detected at a facility run by the Secret Service, Donovan said.

Also breaking: The first floor of the Hart Senate building was evacuated over a suspicious package.

Senate police say they have a suspect in yesterday's ricin scare.