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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We Didn't Start It, But We Are Going To Finish It!

Scott "Koch Whore" Walker in better times

UPDATE: 1/17/12 1621 Wisconsinities prove they are pissed off and tired of Walker - over one million signatures collected.

With the deadline looming ever so close, Wisconsinites will today jump-start the process of removing the nation's most notorious anti-labor governor when they submit petitions signed by more than enough eligible voters to force Scott Walker to face a new election.

A total of 540,208 valid signatures are required to recall Scott Walker, the Republican governor, who was elected in 2010. The chairman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin said Monday night that the recall drive would "hit or exceed 720,000 signatures." And there were media reports that the total number of submitted signatures may exceed 1 million.

If that is the scenario, the movement to oust Walker will have secured the support of a higher percentage of eligible voters than has ever before sought to recall an American governor.

Today the petitions get turned in to the nonpartisan Government Accountability Board (the only state agency Scott Walker doesn't control with an appointee). At the end of the day, the number of signatures is irrelevant - rest assure there will be more than enough signatures to survive the relentless teapublican challenges that both Wisconsinites and America expects.

What does this message say to current and future teabagging Govna's you ask? Not on my watch, enough is enough, do we have your attention yet Govna? Walker's reach for power will end sometime this summer. Today I can honestly say that Scott Walker's effort to reshape the balance of power in Wisconsin began and shall ended with his initiative to yank collective-bargaining rights away from public-employee unions.

Wisconsin's recall drive is already the greatest popular democracy movement in it's history, and one of the greatest challenges to political power in American history.

Why should Scotty get the boot?

Didn’t campaign on the elimination of collective bargaining rights and then terminated collective bargaining for public employees, ending more than fifty years of bipartisan support and dividing the state.

Signed legislation to eliminate programs for cancer screening, STD treatment, birth control and reproductive health support.

Nearly a billion dollars in cuts to education with restrictions on how school districts can make up for the cutbacks and programs.

By rejecting $810 million in stimulus funds for the Madison-Milwaukee train, thousands of jobs were lost and taxpayers have to pay for contracts that were cancelled due to careless incompetence.

Signed legislation repealing clean water testing, cut alternative energy programs using biomass and wind power that lost thousands of jobs.

Signed legislation for the most restrictive Voter ID law in the US based on unproven Faux News/Republican myth of voter fraud.

Walker has always has a "sense of mission" says his mother, but Walker's sense of mission has often brought controversy in his adult life, as when he ran for student body president as a sophomore at Marquette University in 1988. He was sanctioned for illegal campaigning and declared "unfit" by the student paper for engaging in "blatant mudslinging" against his opponent. Walker lost that election, which he later blamed on his having "focused on personalities and egos." He left Marquette without getting a degree. No surprise here!

All throughout Walker's career his boldness has brought him into turbulent waters, and the great white sharks (Wisconsin and American Democrats) are rabidly seeking a piece of this mans posterior - rightly so, for the vision of a this radical teabagger has gone completely awry, and its time to wrangle in this Reagan wannabe.

The infamous "Koch Whores" Call:

Walker's critics uniformly cite his Feb. 22 2011 phone conversation with a prankster pretending to be billionaire David Koch as the key to understanding what drives him. Below is by far the biggest 'punked" of our time!

In that call, which was secretly recorded and posted on the Internet, Walker crowed about his national media appearances and the positive feedback he said he was getting from other Republican governors, who, like him, "got elected to do something big."

Walker also shared with his caller how, just before he "dropped the bomb" on the state's public employees, he met with his cabinet and pulled out a picture of Ronald Reagan, recalling how the former president had fired air traffic controllers in 1981 — an event he claimed sent a message of toughness that helped spur the collapse of the Soviet Union. Walker recalled telling his cabinet that what he was planning to do in Wisconsin would be comparably historic.

Usually reluctant to concede error, Walker now confesses to being embarrassed by the "Koch Whore" call. No shit Sherlock! Political suicide sounds more apropos.

Like most teapublcians, I say Scotty is drawn to conflict with his "Us vs. Them" dichotomy.
"He has sort of a messiah complex," says state Sen. Mark Miller, D-Monona. "The governor feels like he's on some sort of a divine mission." Insert "republican Jesus" here.
NFTOS' biggest criticism of Walker is that he fudges facts — not only in his public pronouncements, but in his own mind.

Walker has said the state is broke, that most of the protesters who besieged the Capitol last spring were from out of state, that most school districts in Wisconsin have seen a net gain in staff. These are among the 27 statements he's made that the collaborative journalism project PolitiFact Wisconsin has deemed "Mostly False," "False" or, worse, "Pants on Fire."

"What he says isn't true," says state Sen. Jon Erpenbach, D-Middleton, who is also weighing a possible challenge against Walker. "I don't think he's intentionally lying. He just believes what is not true."
Erpenbach goes on to say: "I've never seen anybody in such denial" as is Walker on the division he's sown. "We're in a spot right now where family members can't talk to each other. Golf buddies can't talk to each other. The governor needs to recognize that we've got to pull things back, and he doesn't."
Well readers, make no mistake about it, denial or not, over 700 thousand signatures will be submitted today for scrutiny. Today organizers will be unloading the stacks of petitions, weighing 3,000 pounds, from a truck and hauling them into the state election board's offices, a state ready to say, "We didn't start it, but we are going to finish it"!

Roger West